Fran 2’17!

3 10 2012

”Today’s moves reveal tomorrow’s results.”

– Robin Sharma –

Today’s happy moment! Well, about 30 minutes later anyway.

A. Snatch Balance 1RM
60, 70, 80, 90, 100/PB, 105kg/PB (+10kg!), 110/f

110/f, 110, 120/f (jerk)

C. Power Clean, Heavy Single
70, 90, 100, 110

4h rest

D. ”Fran”, 21-15-9

  • Thrusters 43kg
  • Pull Ups

Time: 2’17min, PB (-10s).

Stoked obviously. First of all my banged up wrist and shoulder still felt strong during the Snatch Balances, need to work on catching it lower, still good improvement. Shoulders gone for OHS however.

Fran was giving me anxiety for a few hours before I clear my head and managed to understand it was just a question of hardening the f#ck up. Tried to go as fast as I possibly can, happy with the time. But, how the hell does one get sub 2 mins? Sure, I can clean up my pull ups a bit but that’s almost it?

Anyway, patterns repeat them self. I am happy, inspired, motivated and hungry for success by life being pretty damn good at the moment. Small moments of good stuff almost every day makes me well balanced. Small achievements, also almost every day, makes me impatient for more. And, victories in the eyes of my athletes inspires me as well. Maybe this truly is the road I should be travelling..?





2 responses

12 10 2012
Sälen CF

Fantastiskt! Du är så grym:)
Är det ok om jag postar din video på min hemsida så Sälenatleterna får se hur det ska gå till?

16 10 2012

Sorry för late reply, självklart kompis! Och thx! 🙂


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