It’s been a week of PB’s!

30 09 2012

”If you’re not failing regularly, you’re definitely not making much progress.”

”Push the envelope. Play out on the edges! Pursue immortality!”

– Robin Sharma –

Gonna try to keep this re-cap of last week short, and start backwards, here are yesterday’s numbers:

A. Snatch, Heavy Single*:
50/3, 60/2, 70/1, 75, 80, 84, 90, 95/F, 95kg/1 PB! (+4kg)

95kg Fail, almost took my calves out..

95kg PB! Walking around for a living.

B. Clean & Jerk, Heavy Single*:
70/2, 90/1, 100, 110, 120, 127kg/1 PB! (+4.5kg) PB Clean, Jerk and C&J!!

127kg PB! Banana back..

C. Front Squat, Heavy Single:
120/1, 140, 160/F

D. ”Grace” – 30 C&J @ 61kg For Time:
1’52min PB! (-29s).

Sick day, obviously very stoked! Coach Jean gave me a new cue that worked so well for me: think to activate your quads from the bottom setup like a squat!
I have usually only thought ”keep your chest up”, and everything has been coming from the back, felt insanely much stronger from the ground this way!
Need to work a little more Snatch Balance in to my program to stabilize the landing however.
Grace was an expected PB, 21 unbroken reps is ok, aiming for the entire 30 around new years. Way more taxing than the 2’21 I had two months ago.

What makes me even happier about the above PB’s is the fact that last week has been very heavy in volume. Every day has involved either a max or repeated 80% lifts in the Snatch, C&J and some version of Squats. In the cycle I’m following it even states *if your heavy single is below 85%… Meaning coach Greg probably expected early fails at this point.

Instead of detailing entire week, here are the other PB’s I got:

  • Hang Snatch 2RM: 82.5kg
  • Hang Clean 2RM: 112kg (with jerk and drop in between)
  • Push Jerk 1RM: 112kg
  • 30 Muscle Ups: 5’20min (-35s)
  • Run a mile, 1609m: 6’03 (-6s)

Most happy with the mile, first I was annoyed about missing out on the sub 6 mins, but then I realized my old PB was 18 months and about 7-8kgs ago..

Nothing is ever perfect, I do believe a lot of my current improvement comes from a feeling of goodness I probably haven’t experienced before. At the same time there are, as always, things that makes me doubt if it’s sustainable, if it’s for real, and if I am fooling my self..

Also need to be more thorough with nutrition and sleep, probably averaged 6-7h last week, which is way to little for me.






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