A few PB’s and a crazy Naval Obstacle Course!

24 09 2012

”What’s the point of being successful to the world but unsuccessful to yourself?”

– Robin Sharma –

Friday 3pm

A. Heavy Single Back Squat:
100/5, 120/3, 140/2, 160/1, 170/1, 180kg/1 PB! (+5kg)

Today, Monday

A. Snatch EMOM5, 1@80%

B. Snatch Pull, 3*3@90%

C. Power Clean & Jerk EMOM3, 1@80%

D. Front Squat, 3*2@80%

E. ”Cindy” – Amrap 20 min:

  • 5 Pull Ups
  • 10 Push Ups
  • 15 Squats

Score: 26 Rounds.

As one can see in the video, the 180kg Squat wasn’t exactly easy. However, considering the entire last week was something of a mess, shoulder not happy with right about anything, and I had a one hour deep tissue massage a couple of hours earlier, I am happy to set a small PB!

Shoulder a bit better today, until I started with the push ups in Cindy. No surprise that I had no real power on the left side, almost gave up after 10 rounds but glad I didn’t. Find some new strength last 8 rounds or so and managed to do almost all of them in only two sets on the pshu. The rest fairly easy, even though I am guessing the near 400 air squats will be felt tomorrow.

In between these two sessions, Saturday was a day outside of anybody’s comfort zone for sure. The Naval Obstacle Course in Simonstown was so much fun! That said, the approx. 14 degree ”warm” water and the prospect of swimming with the sharks was not so appealing when we rocked up. About 15 of us or so managed however to show ourselves more than anybody else that one can do whatever one sets his minds to.

3 rounds with 100-200m of swimming, 3 different ways of getting over the 7m high obstacle and a very short, but welcome, running path on dry land was a handful for most of us. The ropes and cargo nets on the obstacle provided little challenge for me, but were so much fun, the swim was a completely different matter however. As expected.
After the first round of going all the way to the pole about 135m out, as prescribed, I knew there was no way I would finish three rounds in time if I tried that stunt again. Completely different thing to swim in the ocean, the scaled down trip of about 100m per round was plenty enough to make me swallow a few litres of salt water and probably a sea lion or two in the just sub 17 minutes it took me.

Weirdly enough, even though the first round almost knocked me out in chock, I wasn’t that cold afterwards. That said, the 2 T-bones and ”few” Coronas later on at the braai at the Martin’s house was more than welcomed!

All in all a fantastic day that I hope to re-do sometime soon.






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