Under recovered and stupid

17 09 2012

”The discomfort of change is always better than the heartbreak of complacency.”

– Robin Sharma –

In the morning:

Pathetic attempts at max lifts. Power Snatch 80kg, Jerk 110kg etc. Shoulder very busted.

In the afternoon:

A. 5 Rounds for speed, start every 5th min:

  • 7 Box Jumps, 80cm
  • 200m Row

54s, 51, 51, 56*, 51

B1. 3*10 Strict TTB (45s)

B2. 3*10 Back Extensions (45s)

Last two weeks I have neglected sleep and nutrition. Not severely but bad enough to not be able to handle such a high volume as this cycle is demanding. Stupid.

Today I decided to do touch and go box jumps on a fairly high box. Stupid. Or at least my shin thinks so after the miss on the 4th round..

I always get miserable when training is going like shit, especially when I know I am the cause of it. Stupid perhaps. But that’s the way I am. Good eating today and early night hopefully puts me back where I wanna be tomorrow. No shoulder work this week though…







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