Strong AND Conditioned..?

11 09 2012

”Procrastination is the great stealer of dreams.”

– Robin Sharma –

A. 3RM Clean + 2*3@90%:
115kg 3RM PB! (+5kg), +2*3@103.5kg

B. ”3RM” Clean Pull from risers (+6cm) + 2*3@90%:
125kg (+5 fr last week), +2*3@114kg

C. Clean Segment Pull from risers, 3*3@90kg

D. 3RM Bent Over Row, +2*3@90%:
115kg (+5kg fr last week), +2*3@103.5kg

3h rest

E. Run, 3 min@90%/3 min rest:
Distance: 850m, 840, 840

Good stuff today!
Cleans felt fast and fairly light, heavy in the bottom of the last but that’s to expect. Trying to work more with my ”dynamic start” and it gives me a great speed from the ground, needs more work for perfect positioning though.

Running in the afternoon was not something I was looking forward too after yesterday’s squats and today’s cleans, however biggest beating was actually handed out to my shins for some reason. Breathing got hard pretty early, but still happy with the conistency and distances covered. Probably around 85, 90, 95% effort on the 3 different rounds.

Summer is coming, training feels great, coaching is fun, attention is given and taken where it needs to be. No complaints.






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