Another 3RM and some decent running..

4 09 2012

”Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

– Semisonic, Closing Time


A. 3RM Clean, +2*3@90%:
80kg, 90, 100, 110 3RM PB! (+10kg?), + 2*3@100kg

B. Power Snatch, 3*2@75%:

C. 3RM Clean Pulls from Riser (+6cm), +2*3@90%:
120kg, +2*3@110kg

D. 2*3 Clean Segment Pulls from Riser:

3h rest

E. Run, 6*90s@90%/90s off:
480m, 430m*4, 460m = 2.660m

F1. 3*8 Barbell Roll Outs (on the knees) 45s to:
F2. 3*10 Reverse Hyper Extensions, 50kg

Happy with the cleans, legs are damn tired so heavier than it should be in the squat, but still doable. Laughed at my self wrestling the bar at the third rep. Back Off sets done as Power Cleans, felt fast.

Like the pull versions from the riser, need to get stronger in holding position from the floor, think this is the way to go.

Run was way more pleasant than last week’s 60/60. Did not run in the rest this time, walking around for 90s is way more comfortable. Also finally had Garth with me which helped push the tempo. Think it will be very benefitial for us both to do conditioning together from now on!

When something is completely obvious, does it make it wrong or right to display it? Anyway, I am happy. More so because I finally have a wingmonkey! Now we just need that perfect thunder storm to make him come to life..






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