3RM PB’s all over the place!

3 09 2012

”I don’t mean like: Roman-candle-firework-Hollywood-hot-pink-love. I mean like: I-got-your-back-love!”

– John Mayer –

A. 3RM Split Jerk, +2*3@90%:
115kg 3RM PB! (2*3@104kg).

B. 3RM Push Press, +2*3@90%:
100kg 3RM PB! 

C. 3RM Back Squat, +4*3@90% (Every other minute on Back off sets):
165kg 3RM PB!, (4*3@150kg)

D. 3RM Bent Over Row, +2*3@90%:
110kg 3RM PB!, (2*3@100kg)

E. OTM5, 3 Strict + 4 Kip HSPU, +10cm X-rom
3R + a bunch of f#cked reps

Great day after the back off week obviously. Did expect these numbers and most glad with the Jerk and how light the Push presses felt. Squats felt anything but light, but then again my quads and glutes are pretty smoked from doing the 100m Over Head Walking Lunges to finish Saturday’s ”Mikko” (Games 2009 final chipper). I did hit a new PB in that wod as well, 25’46min, but definitely expecting legs to handle more next week in the squats.

Hspu was the joke of today, usually I have a few hours in between these sessions, no time for that today so shoulders were gone. Also getting a bit frustrated with my thorastic spine which locks up when going heavy over head. Well, well, whining is for people with excuses.

Small things are motivating me, people are inspiring me to do more and better, and at the same time I am finding that drive in my self I’ve been searching for quite a while. I like where this is going..






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