4th Day miseria

23 08 2012

”Where there are many excuses you’ll find little results.”

– Robin Sharma –

A. 3RM Mid Hang Clean, +2*3@90%
60, 80, 90, 100kg (+10kg fr last week, failed 3rd then), 2*3@90%

B. Power Snatch, 3*3@75%:

C. 2RM Over Head Squat:
61, 84, 93, 102kg (+2kg fr last w), 111/1+F

3h Rest

D. For Time, 4*10m Prowler Push with:
(1:1 on work:rest)

  • 100kg – 33s
  • 80kg – 1’25min
  • 60kg – 54s
  • 40kg – 45s (ish)
  • 20kg – 28s

Total Time including rest: 7’30min

Hey Macarena, what a leg day!
Cleans weren’t exactly heavy but not sure I can get much more with my technique. Back off sets was really good though, much easier than on the way up to max.
OHS, need to work on my positioning, not locking shoulders completely. On 111 it was just all over the show from the start, surprised I got one.

Prowler pushes was ridiculously hard today, no excuse that it is the 4th day of training, I just got super pumped in quads and glutes. Spent a good 5 minutes on the ground afterwards wondering why I don’t always do that? The cold floor felt so damn good.

Another way of seeing today is also that it is the 4th day of this annoying week. Can’t wait for tomorrow, as the great William Wallace once said: Freeeeeeeedooooom! (”Maybe”).






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