I like Snatch, running not so much…

21 08 2012

”Strength is suffering’s gift to the brokenhearted.”

– Robin Sharma –

A. 3RM Mid Hang Snatch, 2*3@90%:
60/3, 67.5/3, 75/3 (PB +5kg from last week), 80/2+f

B. 3*3 Power Cleans @ 75%:

C. 5RM Snatch Paus Deadlift, (2s at knees)
85kg (+5kg from last week).

D. 3*5 Stiff legged Deadlifts:
85kg (+15kg)

3h Rest

E. Run 16 sets: 30s@90%/30s@50%
Total Distance: 3650m

Mid hang felt really good today, a little bit sloppy in some catches, and really annoyed when missing the 3rd at 80. Still probably heaviest double I’ve ever done in any snatch, so should be happy. Power Cleans also felt fast and with great technique, getting somewhere!

Running was something I meant to be putting in the program for a while but always found excuses to wait. Surprised to be able to do this well. And in all honesty the Headline lies a bit, it just sounded funny. Dodging cars in the roads and humans on the curves around the block that circles the gym, and specially in a light drizzle, was flipping awesome!
Quads and calves damn toasted afterwards so I do expect some nice soreness the rest of the week.

Not especially less confused today, and still don’t feel a second closer to the end of the week, but somehow I want to stay optimistic. Can I for once just be right about what is right..?






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