Nice start to a ”none max effort week” – PB fest!

13 08 2012

I’ve been so many places in my life and time
And I’ve sung a lot of songs,
I’ve made some bad rhymes
I’ve acted out my life in stages,
ten thousand people watching
But we’re alone now and I’m singing this song to you

– Bon Iver, I can’t make you love me –

A. 4RM Split Jerk + 2*4@90%:
100kg/4RM PB! + 2*4*90kg

B. 5RM Push Press +2*5@90%:
90kg/5RM PB! (+4kg) 
+ 2*5@80kg

C. 5RM Back Squat + 4*5@90%:
150kg/5RM PB! (+2.5kg) 
+ 4*5@135kg

D. 5RM Bent Over Row + 2*5@90%:
100kg + 2*5@90kg

E. Death by OTM 3 Strict + 3 Kipping HSPU, (cap 10 rounds):
9 rounds + 3 strict + 1 Kip(!!!!).

F. 3*20 Wallballs, (60s rest)
40s, 37, 38

Hello high volume, welcome back!

Last week was recovery and deload week. No weights lifted, very low volume and still some ok PB’s then as well (2k Row 7’12min & Flight Simulator 8’55min).
This week was back to business. However the Strength by Feel cycle I am now following from Cathletics stated that this week should not be taken to the absolute max. I am very happy that the above lifts didn’t feel near to max! Left about 5-10kg in the tank for all of them to beat these numbers next week. (Also should say that I never done a 4RM Jerk before and this was the same as a 2 year old 3RM and both PP and BS PB’s are about a year old..).

That said, Jerks felt like metcon with that TUT (time under tension) and Back Squats weren’t exactly easy. Did the back off sets Squats on every second minute and that was rough.

I even managed to kind of kip some HSPU’s today. That came to an horrible end however when I started ”pressing out” on them in the last few rounds, and the very last one there was no way I could do them unbroken, as my rule stated. Felt ok after all, shoulders will be like mince for the next coming days, I’m sure..






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