What a F(r)antastic Weekend!

30 07 2012

Corona? Always..

Saturday 28th

A. Snatch up to 90-95%

B. Clean & Jerk up to 90-95%

C. Front Squat, 1RM
155kg PB! (+5kg)

2h rest

D. Fran, 21-15-9: Thrusters@43kg/Pull Ups
2’27min PB! (-53s)

Obviously insanely satisfied with my numbers right now. Weightlifting felt technically great, and I am really getting under the bar now.
FS heavy, but doable.
Fran, had anxiety for three days about doing this, but she is a part of my test weeks so it was just about manning up. Told my self before, ”go as damn fast as you possibly can and make sure you are done before the pain set in!”.
Said and done.

Actually think I can shave some time off this, not happy with speed on either of the exercises. However, considering how much it hurt 5 minutes later, I’m not so sure I want to go faster..

Rest of the weekend was actually a bit more laid back than last couple of weekends, but so nice. Braai and totally chillaxed Saturday afternoon and night with someone who keeps my feet on the ground, football in the morning on Sunday, followed by playing around on the beach at noon and then watching the ocean from a bar across the road with one (or seven) Coronas in hand. Said it before, shouldn’t complain.






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