Almost a PB-video

20 07 2012

”As human beings we are all the same. We have this marvelous intelligence, which sometimes creates problems for us, but when influenced by warm-heartedness can be very constructive.”

– Dalai Lama –

[Almost, as in I have a video and almost posted it here. Forgot the transfer cord to the camera though.]

Thursday 11am

A1) Bench Press work to 3RM:
84/5, 102/3, 111/2, 120/1, 134/3 PB! (+4kg)

A2) Deadlift, work to 5RM (tng):
120/5, 143/3, 165/3, 174/3, 188/5 PB!

B) Death by OTM 6 Muscle Ups:
6, 6, 5+1, 2+1

Score: 3 Rounds + 3

Really happy with the strength numbers. Some people may say that touch n go Deadlifts doesn’t counts as RM’s but I did lift the bar 5 times, right? Don’t really care, it’s a TNG PB with about 13kg never the less. And that’s without doing any have deadlifts for months!
Both these PB’s was actually quite easy. Think I could have gone higher in both without a problem, next time.
Muscle Up stamina still sucks.

3h Later

C) 4 rounds for Speed, start every 5th minute:

  • 10 GHD Sit Ups
  • 5 Xtra ROM HSPU (+10cm)
  • 2*10m Prowler Push @ 100kg

Times: 51s, 50, 51, 53

Incredible, my abs are still sore from the GHD Med ball throws I did ONE WEEK AGO.. Hurt like hell, but didn’t slow me down much. Good wod and a 100kg on top of the prowler becomes heavy very quickly.

I’m slowly wrapping my head around things and slowly getting to the conclusion I had all the time, I need to commit fully to what I want or stop expect getting there. Just trying to figure out how to be social without ending up with way more beers/glasses of wine than I set out to every damn night out..






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