18 07 2012

Easiest way to keep a weary mind occupied is to DO something you postponed for a long time

A. ”Heavy” Power Snatch:
75kg, 80/f

B. ”Heavy” Power Clean & Push Jerk
100kg, 105/f

C. 3*3 Clean Pulls @ 90%

D. Snatch Balance 2RM
80/2, 91/1+F (1RM PB, +1kg)

E. Back Squat, up to 95%
100/4, 120/3, 140/1, 160/1, 171/1

3h Later

F. Flight Simulator, 5-10-15….50-45…5 Double Unders

Having problem with a locked C/T-junction, (upper back/neck which we are trying to needle out without any great success), so this was the first real session since Thursday. Very slow in the lifts but strangely strong in the Balance and Squat. Absolutely easiest squat I’ve ever done at +170kg. Hoping to get a bit over 180 when going for max soon.

Flight sim was insanely frustrating. Probably +30 misses in a wod where I should have none, missed 4 times at +40 reps on the 50-round. Almost gave up. Anyway, good stuff is that shoulders didn’t get too taxed and neither did conditioning, duh..

Saturday was a fun day btw, first time ever at a live rugby game when the Stormers took the top spot in the league in the Super 14(or is it 15?). Anyway, after party with awesome company, music and wigs(!) made it perfect for a slow Sunday in front of the open fire. Should really stop complaining..






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