Getting there, one PB at the time

12 07 2012

Every time I try to get out, they suck me right back in…


A. Bench Press, 5RM
84, 102, 111, 122 PB (+2kg)  

B. 6 * OTM, 5 No false grip Muscle Ups:
4 R ub and then 4 reps, DNF!

4h later

C. 4 Rounds for speed, start on every 5th minute:

  • 7 GHD Med. Ball Throws against a wall, 6lbs
  • 150m Row

48, 48, 47, 47s

D. 3*10 Hip & Back Extensions

5RM Bench, haven’t tried it in almost 3 years so actually expected a bit more. Don’t know what happened with the MU’s, thought I was gonna cruise through, but suddenly I stiffened up and the transitions became super hard. Blaming lazy warm up or something.

Speed work in the afternoon was fun, and will hurt for a while. Plan was 5 rounds, but I don’t even remember when I did GHD’s last time so when the abs started to cramp already in round 3, I knew I was in for some fun. Considering I’m already feeling the doms, I think I will punch people who make jokes the next coming days..

Been lazy with the assistance work lately, changing that now.

So, a wine festival or a live rugby game is what is on for this weekend. Knowing I will do everything to forget some stuff, I’m guessing my 3 units a day rule will go to hell whatever I chose. So will probably I if I do even half of the things I usually do when feeling like this. Whatever..






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