Cindy on Crack

3 07 2012

When I walk beside her I am a better man.
But is it really happiness if you know it’s just for seconds, minutes, days, or even a couple of months…

Saturday, 7.30am(!) 

A. Snatch, Max For Day
80kg, 84/F

B. C&J, Max For Day

C. Pause Back Squat, (3s in bottom), 3*2 reps
130, 140, 150kg

2h Later

D. ”Cindy on Crack!”, 20min AMRAP

  • 5 Muscle Ups
  • 10 HSPU
  • 15 Box Jumps, 60cm

Score: 6R + 5 + 10 + 5 BJ

Max lifts felt quite off. Not getting underneath the bar at all in snatches and back really tired at C&J. Back Squats felt fine though.
Main event with the drugged version of Cindy was inspired by something I think I saw Blair Morrison do a long while ago, wasn’t sure about the exercises but this version was good for me. Obviously mainly a HSPU-wod, happy to get all rounds of MU unbroken.

Today, 11am 

A. OTM Snatch, 5*2@80%

B. Snatch Pull, 3*3
80, 90, 100kg

C. Snatch Push Press + OHS 5*(2+1)
80, 90/F*, 70, 80, 90

D. OTM Front Squats, 5*1@95%

* Wrists just hurt too much, got the tip to try a more narrow grip and voila. Problem however is that I need to get more flexible to be able to snatch like this, another thing on the bucket list..

4pm, MAP, 3 min rest between parts

A. 5 min AMRAP@80%

  • 3 Ring HSPU
  • 6 Sand Bag OH-Lunges, 20kg
  • 120m Row

3R + 3 + 2

B. 5min AMRAP@80%

  • 6 Ring Rows, (horisontal, feet on box)
  • 6 Wall Balls, 30lbs
  • 24 Double Unders

4R + 6 

C. 5 min AMRAP@80%

  • 6 Ring Dips
  • 6 Sand Bag Power Clean, 20kg
  • 4*12m Shuttle Run

5R + 6

Felt strong in the squats today, still not getting under the bar in snatch though. Mostly power snatches on the minute. MAP-session nice as always, haven’t done Ring-HSPU in a long while but they felt surprisingly light.

Didn’t post during the weekend, was too busy giving my self a few days of anxiety. Decided however to go back on my ”maximum 3 units (glasses) 2 times a week”-rule from now on, it’s well needed.
Still had a good time, Sunday was nice with great friends and ended up in surprise kind of. Can’t say I haven’t been thinking about it, just not sure if it’s the right thing in the long run. (When have I’ve ever been or even cared about that for that matter).
Biggest risk I’m running is probably going back to a decadent lifestyle which then brings more melodrama to this forum, good times ahead..






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