2 is better than 3

25 06 2012

”Failure’s just fresh data to leverage. Please don’t make it anything more.”

– Robin Sharma –

WU, 4 sets: 2 Snatch Pulls, 2 HPS, 2 OHS, 2 Sotts
20-50kg (some kind of Sotts PB I think).

A. 4 * 1 Snatch Segment Pull + 1 Snatch
50, 60, 70 (PS), 70kg

B. 5 * 2 Snatch OTM @ 75%

C. 3*3 Snatch Pulls
80, 90, 100kg

D. 5 sets, 2 Snatch Push Press + 1 OHS
75, 85, 95, dnf

E. 5 * 2 Front Squats OTM @ 85%

Body a bit trashed, but since it’s completely self inflicted I can’t really use it as an excuse. Only make sure I start focusing a bit more on what’s important from now on.
Having trouble getting underneath the bar, but at least 2 reps OTM felt sooo much lighter than the 3 last week, none of it got really heavy. Wrist wasn’t happy in heavy OHS though, decided to let it be and go heavy next week again.

Sometimes when stuck in a rut small things can be the game changer. Like standing with a corona in hand at a bar on a Sunday night, looking at football and women, (doesn’t sound creepy at all). Then, all of a sudden receiving a totally unexpected text message from someone, saying they think about you when you thought you were forgotten by that very same someone. It doesn’t always have to mean anything for that someone, to be important to you, sometimes a little text message is all you need. Thx.






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