PB and more remorse…

24 06 2012

”Clarity proceeds Mastery!”

– Robin Sharma –

Saturday, 10am

A. Snatch, Max For Day:
81/ 84/F

B. C&J, Max For Day:
117.5kg PB! (+2.5 in each of the parts of the lifts!)

C. 3 Rounds For Time

  • 4*10m Westside Style Sled Drag, 60kg
  • 1 Rope Climb, 4.5m
  • 5+5 One arm KB-C&J, 24kg
  • 2 Rope Climbs
  • 3+3 KBC&J
Time: 8’03 min
Still not getting underneath the bar in the Snatch, power snatching the sh#t out of it everytime..
Very happy with the C&J, it was honestly easy and one of the best lifts I’ve done technically. Jerk was like with a pvc pipe! Also lifted 120 of the ground but aborted the lift by the knees.
Wanted to compose a weird workout with Rikus and JP, but it actually felt quite smooth, almost constantly moving.
Standard Saturday after wod is Hudsons for burgers and a few beers, no stray from that this time. But, then a few beers turned into a ”few” more watching a boring rugby game and then that obviously lead to me drinking Jamesons and coke (obviously!?) at a dodgy cavestyle bar where people smoke and dans to 80’s music dressed in pink cowboy hats. Needless to say that hat then stayed on my head for a good part of the night.
Guess it is ok to have fun, but as I said before I know I’m only trying to avoid facing reality. And then when my quote of ”when I’m drunk women fall into my lap” (kind of censured version of the original), comes true, I know I’m in for feeling like roadkill the next day.
Only thing missing would be me sending drunk texts all over the show to make me feel even worse today. Oh wait, I did…






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