Skill MAP

19 06 2012

”Great to be graceful when all’s going great. Show us how cool you are when it’s all falling apart.”

– Robin Sharma –

8am(!), Lions Head (definitely not for time..).

First time in probably 4 months, felt awful here and there, but in the end totally worth it. As always. A more rewarding spot is probably hard to find on this Earth.

4pm, MAP

4 min @ 85%

  • 3 Bar Muscle Ups
  • 6 Wall Balls, 30lbs
  • 18 Double Unders


Rest 4 min

4 min @ 85%

  • 5m Hand Stand Walk
  • 5 KB Hang Power Cleans, 2*24kg
  • 4*10m Shuttle Run


Rest 4 min

4 min @ 85%

  • 3 Ring MU
  • 6 KB Push Press, 2*24kg
  • 100m Row


Rest 4 min

4 min @ 85%

  • 5 ”Kipping” HSPU
  • 5 SDHP, 40kg KB
  • 25 DU


Legs still a bit shot from the climb in the morning. Still funny and ridiculous how bad I am at kipping HSPU, tried them one leged kip today, which resulted in a leg cramp, hehe.

Overall it actually felt good. Not really constantly moving pace but almost.

At a side note it’s almost like I should be start following my own programming that I’m doing for the Advanced Classes. Yes, I’m boosting a bit here but I have the right to, at least if you judge by the sick results the guys managed in the Deadlift 1RM’s today. It kinda shouldn’t be possible to add 20-50kg on that lift, but that’s exactly what happened in several cases.

Very stoked to be working with guys that are putting in the hard work and then reaping the rewards!






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