”Hope” and a well needed recovery week

12 06 2012

”Commit to excellence. Become massively innovative and wear your passion on your sleave. They might call you different or wierd or even crazy. But please remember, every great leader (or visionary or brave thinkier) was initially laughed at. Now they are revered.”

– Robin Sharma –

17 min of pain for those who have a struggle of huge proportions every day of their life? Totally worth it..

Saturday 9th, ”Cape CrossFit for Hope” – 3 rounds of:

  • Burpees
  • Power Snatches, 34kg
  • Box Jumps, 60cm
  • Thrusters, 34kg
  • CTB Pull Ups

Score: 236 reps

Easily top 3 worst wods I’ve ever done! Conditioning is not at top but this was just horrible in any case. Super stoked about the massive turn out at the gym and the really good amount of money we managed to raise.

Rest week is not only needed because my body needs to heal, but so does my soul since I spent the rest of the weekend putting my self in awkward and stupid situations. Do a little good, do a little bad seems to be my motto somehow..

Today’s WOD:

A. Empty Barbell work

B. From Outlaw, NOT FOR TIME@80%:

  • 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 MU
  • 100, 200, 300, 400, 500m Row

MU unbroken and row only above 1’50/500m at the 400m round. Total time just around 8min, felt really good for some reason.

Rest of this week is gonna be an easygoing fun week with empty barbell work (only coz I promised Coach to) and light metcons.





One response

15 06 2012

Du börjar se stor ut…vad dricker ni för nyttigt där nere?

Hör av dig!


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