Like a Cheetah…

23 05 2012

”When sprinting, the cheetah’s body temperature quickly elevates. If it is a hard chase, it sometimes needs to rest for half an hour or more.”

– Wikipedia –

WU, 3 sets: 2 Push Press, 2 Jerk Behind Neck, 2 Press Behind, in split pos
20, 30, 40kg

A. 5 sets: 1 Power Clean+1 Front Squat+1 Clean+1 Jerk, hold 5s in split
60, 70, 80, 90, 100kg

B1. 4*4 Hang Snatch High Pull (Flat-footed)
40, 40, 50, 60

B2. 3 sets, 5 reps Snatch Balance
40, 50, 60kg

C. 4*4 Front Squats@75%

Felt a bit slow and sluggish, plus tired shoulders today. Next week the ”MAP” training goes back on Mondays so that every other day is completely shoulder free.

2h Rest

D. Row Sprints, 8*25s max av. Watt/2.35min off. (rest 5min b/t 4&5)

  1. 629w
  2. 605
  3. 629
  4. 605
  5. 617
  6. 593
  7. 546
  8. 569

So, where does the Cheetah come in to all this? Well, I’m happy that these rowing sprints are much better than ever before (max in single before was 605w), but just like a quick running cat, I just die after a few seconds. Nice arm pump after these though.







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