Analyzing a Failure

13 05 2012

Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.

 – Alfred –

No cigar…

To some people, and I don’t mean that in any condescending way at all, the title ”3rd fittest man in Africa” may sound cool, to me it’s just a punch in the face. Hurts even more when the punch is being delivered by yourself. Knowing that you, and only, you are solely responsible for not making it happen. The higher we aim, the higher we fall.

That said, it’s in the past now and hopefully this have fueled my fire and learnt me enough lessons about my self to come back so strong that I literally will be invincible next year!

Here is a quick analyze of each event for me.

Event #1, ”Diane”: 4’54min 
Had a game plan, stuck to it ONE rep too many when I struggled a long time to get the 15th HSPU on the second round. Should have dropped and done a single to come back fresher for the last 9. Had the 9 deadlifts after 3mins on the dot, almost two minutes to finish 9 HSPU..?

Event #2, Row, Pistols, Hang Cleans: 17 Cleans
Game plan was to keep a 2’00min/500m pace, actually went a little bit faster and came off the rower at 7’52, pistols fairly easy with a couple of shake it off breaks, cleans I coulda, woulda, shoulda pushed harder to get a few more reps. Afraid to hit a wall, for what reason..?

Event #3, DB-Snatches and Sprints: 4’31min
Only event I’m satisfied with. Pushed hard from the start to get a lead, and for once I didn’t listen when my brain wanted to slow down but just kept a high gear til the finish.

Event #4, Squatathlon with pull ups and Shoulder to over heads: 38 OHS
Truly disappointing. Had tried out a few different paces and felt confident walking in to the event, 2 mins later I was already gassed out and the reminding 20mins was pure hell. Nutrition issues, again..?

Event #5, Snatch Ladder: 175lbs
A bad score, but not so unexpected. My snatch is either on or off and this time I wrestled every single rep I got. Know this is a big goat and I will dedicate quite some time to improve it.

Event #6, Everything that we hadn’t done yet, and some more heavy Deadlifts: Score 5 Burpee Box Jumps
Not easy to motivate your self when the qualifying first place is already gone. Plan was to go fairly slow in the beginning, and I did. Out of the top 4 guys, I was last to the wallballs and TTB’s. Had my pace clear and was waiting for the diesel engine to kick in. It never did..

Not gonna dwell too much in this. I did my mistakes and will learn from it. At the end of the day, I still need to get way better if I wanna compete at the level I dream of. My hat’s off for David who was a pure proof of consistency, and of course to Danie who keep on showing that age is nothing but a number, impressive stuff from both of these guys!

This region is growing and there will be more up and coming guys competing next year, I plan however to be so far ahead that none other can claim the first place. So unless the Mayans where right, 2013 is the year where I will go to the Games as an individual athlete, mark my words!

I will be blogging a bit again and posting some videos whenever there are things I think need an outside eye to improve, not so many long posts though.

The plan from here on is simple, get stronger and improve the Olympic Lifts. Conditioning will not be in focus the coming 6 months, and I plan to try to make the short wods in there created to be FUN to keep my motivation up. My goals are though, but doable. On an average I need to get my lifts up about 20% over the coming year, impossible? Never.





6 responses

16 05 2012

Take two months off of ANY programmed training – you cns is totally trashed and you will always find it hard to find focus.

14 05 2012

Kör hårt! Jag vet att du kan klara det. Men som Kruse skrev (underförstått), så kanske du i samband med detta halvåret utan metcons skall äta lite mer så kroppen har mycket att ta av? 😉

14 05 2012

Ingen dum ide, tror inte det är massa jag saknade direkt (ca 4kg tyngre än förra året), däremot tävlingsnutrition verkar jag suga på.. 😛

14 05 2012

Ja, men jag menar det skadar ju inte om du ”lägger på dig” under off-season ändå. Du har ju bra koll på hur du skall göra för att få bort det menar jag.

Ja, men tävlingsnutrition. Det är väl egentligen bara att börja ladda en sjuhelvetes massa jävla carbs 5-6 dagar innan tävling. 🙂

13 05 2012
Michael Kruse

Otroligt bra jobbat även fast du inte nådde ända fram!
Råder dig att parallellt med träningen ta hjälp av någon som är erfaren när det gäller kost och högintensiv idrott.

14 05 2012

Thx! Bra ide, ska kolla om det finns några bra sportdietister i närheten här! 🙂


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