Beer not good for stamina? Who knew..

1 02 2012

”Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler than that.”

– Albert Einstein –

3.30pm WOD

BB Gymnastics, 

20 minutes Split Jerk technique work.

Notes: Work on creating space under the bar. Make sure, after elevating the bar off the chest, to actively push down as quickly as possible.

Worked up to Max for Day: 61/2, 70/2, 84/2, 93/1, 102/1, 111/1, 120/F


100 Pullups
100 KB Swings 24/16kg (absolutely vertical)
100 Double-Unders
100 OHS 95/65#

Notes: There is a STRICT 20 minute time limit. Do not finish this WOD if you go over 20 minutes.

 Score: 31 OHS (Last year Regionals 65 in 25 mins).

What is well known however is that beer is good for recovering injuries, I’m not even joking. Discovered it when I celebrated Robs B-day with beer and my knee magically got able to squat fully again over night. This time its both my wrist and elbow that is feeling way better after a night at a karaoke bar, need I say more..?

Split Jerk has honestly never felt this good, damn me for being so retarded it takes me almost 3 years to find a ”Coach” that I actually really ”listen” to, (Rudy’s cues in the Outlaw Blog is working every time). This time, simple statement above worked wonders. Was well under 120 as well, but lost midline stabilization and hyper extended my lower back, weirdly enough I was smart enough to actually just let go instead of trying to wrestle the bar, no issues after that lift. Pretty sure I can get 120 and more next time I try!

100’s? Well, it’s not an excuse when you call your self a bloody idiot, is it? That is what I realized I was when warming up. No huge amounts of alcohol last night, but 2 glasses of wine and 3-4 beers is well enough to make me suffer the day after. Just didn’t have any high gear for the wod, pull ups paced ok in about 6mins, KBS painfully slow with too long breaks. Really was strict on them however. DU, frustrating, and OHS just off. Felt as flexible as a rhino when lifting that bar, everything around the shoulders was just tooooiiiight.

Actually was done with DU’s at 16.30ish, a little slower than I hoped, but still way faster than last year.

Active rest day tomorrow, gonna try the same thing as last week: Z1 row and empty barbell lifting. Felt very good then and I hope to be smashing the workouts over the weekend, Fittest in Cape Town is just 10 days away!





2 responses

2 02 2012

Ofan snabbare än på regionals, då är du ju tillbaka och förbi! Trodde inte det skulle gå så fort att återhämta sig från kraschen faktiskt, metabolt då alltså!

2 02 2012

Hehe, inte jag heller. Dock ska jag ju vara bättre nu än för 8 månader sen.. Tror faktiskt jag ska kunna gå under 20min en ”bättre” dag.. 😛


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