Video time, Outlaw rocks!

31 01 2012

”Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”


If my shoulders look funny in the sled drag it’s because I had to wear a towel beneath my T to stop the band from making me look like I had a date with Freddy Krueger…

BB Gymnastics

1. Back Squat, 6@70%, 6@80%, 3@90%, 2@95%:
112.5kg, 129, 145, 153

2a) Bent Over Row 4*8, supinated grip, (60s to 2b):
61, 70, 84, 93
2b) Front Squat, 5@65%, 4@75%, 4@80%, 4@80%, (75s to 2a):
90, 103.5, 111, 111

3h Rest


4 rounds for total Sprint time of:

100m Sled Drag (Westside style—heal to toe) – HEAVY AS FUCK, used 61kg
200m Sled Sprint – with 1/2 the weight of the drag, used 35kg

Notes: Sleds should be loaded very heavy for 100m drag. After completing the 100m drag quickly remove 1/2 of the load, leave it at the end of the 100m route, sprint back to the beginning, then back to where you left the weight. Immediately reload the sled and repeat. The Sled Drag is not timed, but the sled sprint is. DO NOT rush the Sled Drag. Each step should be heal to toe—video will be posted in the morning.

Sprint Times: 3’30min (incl breaking and replacing rope), 2’30, 2’19, 1’43.
(Total Time for Sled: 28 min!). 

*Rest 5 minutes.

5 minute AMRAP of:

Weighted Muscle-Ups 20/10#, used 10kg dumbell

Notes: These should ALL be performed as singles. NO CONSECUTIVE REPS. Every one should be drop from the top, re-grip, turn-out, then go.

Score: 10 reps

Feeling so damn good with this program! Squats are a bit off from the perfect bar path, moving on to the toes some times, but they all felt ”light” today. Used belt for 3 & 2 reps to protect a little tweak in my lower back. Knee is probably 100% back now!
Supinated rows was interesting, almost felt like a 90kg biceps curl, hehe..

Never dragged a sled for this kind of distance before, boy did that suck the living air out of me. Was struggling to find a good gripping technique that didn’t either choke me or strangled my hands numb. Got better and better, think this is something I need to do more of, A LOT MORE.

Weighted MU’s, never done them before. Focused on using a minimal kip and trying to keep a solid technique. Only 10 reps, but felt good all the way and no failed attempts.

One of the most impressive things I’m feeling with the program is that the recovery is so great. Obviously sore in biceps and lats after about 200 pull ups on Saturday, but not so sore it interferes with anything I’m doing. Same thing with the squats so far, legs get a good work, but still I feel fine the next day.

Will be interesting to see where this brings me if I keep on feeling better and better, sky is the limit huh?






2 responses

1 02 2012

Skymtade jag armbågsskyddet vid rodden? Verkar hjälpa då det är en övning som skulle kännas misstänker jag?

Grymt med MU, fin strikthet på de första!

1 02 2012

Det är faktiskt tejp, drar det ganska tight runt punkten där jag är stel och det funkar lika bra som skyddet. Särskilt eftersom jag lyckats tappa bort skiten redan… 😉


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