Run, you fool!

24 01 2012

”The board is set… the pieces are moving”

– Gandalf –

Programming from Outlaw!

Monday, 11am, Part 1 – Strength:

1a) 5×3 Behind the Neck Push Press (Snatch Grip) + 3 OHS – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
61kg/3+3, 70/3+2, 79/3+1, 84/3, 93/3 – wrist not happy with OHS
1b) 5×3 Snatch Hi-Pulls Snatch Segment Pull, (mid shin, knee, hip, finish) – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
5*3 @ 70kg – elbow not happy with high pulls….

4pm, Part 2 – Conditioning

“The Murfreesboro Chipper”

20 HSPU (regionals standard)
30 T2B
20 Hang Squat Snatches 95/65#
30 Wall Balls 20/14#
20 Stones to Shoulder 120/80# 2*2pood KB-cleans
30 KBS 32/24kg
400m Pinch Hole Grip Plate Carry 45/25#

Time: 28’26min

Tuesday, 12noon, Part 1 Strength:

1) Back Squat: 1X8 @ 65%, 1X6 @ 75%, 1X4 @ 85%, 1X4 @ 90% – rest 2-3 min. between each set.
105kg/8, 120/6, 137/4, 145/3
2a) 4X8 STRICT Weighted Pullups (any grip) – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
2b) Front Squats: 1X5 @ 70%, 1X4 @ 80%, 1X3 @ 85%, 1X3 @ 90% – rest 75 sec.
97kg/5, 111/4, 117/3, 125/3

5pm, Part 2 – Conditioning

“Beat the Coach 1.2″
Every 30 seconds for 10 minutes:
1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Power Clean + 1 Push Jerk @ 225/150#, 155lbs/70kg


3 rounds for total reps of:

2 minutes ME ”No false grip” Muscle-Ups: 8, 10, 9
-rest 1 minute
2 minutes ME Lateral Jumps 12″: 144, 118, 110
-rest 1 minute

Total Reps: 399(!)

Midline (time permitting)

5 minute AMRAP of TGUs @ 24/16kg (alternate every 3 reps).

5min AMRAP: 12 OH Walking Lunges, 45lbs/20kg – 10 Hollow Rocks

Score: 5 rounds + 10 WL (and a tweaked groin, wtf).

OK, as you can see, I am taking some measurements to stay away from the worst things for me right now. Being a map of injuries kind of forces you to do so.

Feeling good with the squats, funny enough front squats seems to have recovered even more than BS, 4th rep on 145 BS today would have been a damn hard struggle and don’t wanna take stupid risks right now. Also why I skipped strict PU.

No way in h#ll I could do the Beat the Coach with that weight. Elbow inflammation just hates any kind of mistake in the front racking from cleans, and jerks, so chose to go with a light weight and work technique, never heavy but still got sweaty.

Muscle ups, yeah! OK not exactly good numbers but, after the first round which I messed up with not warming up prior to, the technique just got better and better. Got 5 ub reps every round and feel better with these every time now. Lateral jumps was kind of back in the days when I used a way too energy wasting technique for my double unders, high jumps and taxing. Did 100UB first round and that set the pace, good recovery in the 1 minute rests however.

Can’t do TGU with wrist so thought this was a good sub, it was. Kept on moving the whole time without speeding, only concern was that my left adductors got tight during and even tighter after this. Iced and foamrolling as we speak, should be fine tomorrow.

Oh, almost forgot! What about the Gandalf part? Well, the chipper yesterday went exactly as planned, until the carry.. Kept a sub max pace and had everything done at 17ish minutes before that, KB-cleans definitely the heaviest part. Our plates are too thick to carry with pinch grip so ”scaled” with allowing my self to grip the hole to save flexors, yeah right…
Don’t really know why but did some kind of reverse thinking, since I was not going all out before, I decided to walk slowly during these 400m to ”save energy” – wtf? Needless to say grip went after 60m (15m up and down was my track), and where I should have just run as fast as possible to save time under tension, I failed miserably. Good lesson though.

Happy with the programming, think I’m scaling pretty wisely where it’s needed right now and who knows, maybe I’m even getting a little more conditioned in the process.






2 responses

25 01 2012

Hehe, en sträckt ljumske på listan, du börjar bli CF-världens motsvarighet till frankensteins monster eller något 🙂
Härligt med frontsquaten, tangerat 3RM PR va? Då måste knät vara helt läkt va?

25 01 2012

Haha I know, börjar bli komiskt. Tror inte det här är sa allvarligt, kan dock hindra en del övningar.
Tror det är tangerat ja? Knät typ 90% bra. Fortf är det utstaende och rörligheten är ca 90% mot höger, men blir bättre hela tiden. Konstigt att FS är närmare 100% än BS? 🙂


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