Eat big to get… slow?

18 01 2012

”Don’t be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson –

Chris Hudsons Burger vs. Mackies Texas Burger, 1-0... 😉

12 noon, WOD from Outlaw!

BB Gymnastics

20 minutes Clean technique work.

Did as follow:

  • 5 rounds OTM 3-pos Power Clean@61kg (hip/mid/knee)
  • Max For Day Power Clean, 70kg, 84, 93, 102/F
  • 10 rounds OTM, 2 Power Cleans@90% of MFD, 84kg

30 min rest


3 rounds for time of:

5 Wall Walks
7 Muscle Ups
15 Deadlifts @ 275/185#

Notes: The Wall Walk begins lying chest-down on the floor with the bottom of the feet touching the wall. The movement ends when the CHEST (nipples, not belly) touches the wall. There is no standard for how to get down. Muscle-Ups should be performed with a full turnout and extended elbow on each rep.

Time: 17’44min

MIDLINE, 3 rounds

20 Reverse Hypers, no added weight
60s Plank Hold, no added weight.

Ever since my never ending line of injuries was being analyzed in our private little FB-group, Mackie has been on me to eat MORE. It seems to be working very well for him, so why not?
Been eating more lately, the 1kg burger above may have been a bit of a stretch (at least with the 1liter or so milkshake to finish it off), but so far it only makes my waist grow and not my results. However, the quote above is a reminder for me to focus on the positive things and I’m sure that the results are just around the corner.

Positive then? Technically my power cleans felt fine, just got too taxed to even try at 102, otm is rough! Didn’t expect to be able to do Wall Walks, but with wrist guards and forward rolling out of each reps, it worked fine.
Most positive of the day though, first Muscle ups in about 2 months! Wont claim that my inflamed elbow is as thrilled as I am, or that the second round in the metcon was technically impressive or fast, but I got them done! It was the MU’s, (which I did with wrist guards and a ”no false”-grip to save my elbow), that slowed me down a ton in the second round. Found a better technique to string them in the last actually where I went 3/2/2 and that round was way faster.

Not so impressed by my time, but hey, without any negative reactions, it might seem as I am able to do basically any kind of movement again. Not perfectly or without restrictions, but still I can do them!





2 responses

18 01 2012
Marcus Herou

Dude… Stärkelse is the shit trot eller ej. Jag mår prima trots 7 pass på fyra dar med flera dubbelwods. Testa en period nu, du verkar ju bums bli mindre skadebenägen

18 01 2012

Vad menar du med stärkelse? Jag käkar sweet potato heeeela tiden nu. 😀
Vägrar dock fortf äta pasta och bröd…


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