Sweat 1000!

17 01 2012

”Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”

– Dalai Lama –

Chapmans Peak Drive can almost make anyone look cool, almost...

1.30pm, WOD from Outlaw! 

1. Back Squat, (calculated from 161 which is my 3RM):

  • 8@65% – 104.5kg
  • 8@70% – 112.5kg
  • 6@80% – 129kg
  • 6@85% – 137kg

2a. Split Jerk, behind the neck, 4*4@75% (meant to be 4*3 reps), 60s rest

2b. Front Squats, 5 reps at:
70% – 97kg, 75% – 103.5, 80% – 111, 85% – dnf


For 20 minutes alternate between:

Push-Ups (hand-release, NO snaking) subbed with ”perfect form PSHU on Dumbells” (10-15 reps/round)
GHD Situps, 10-15
Shoulder Touches subed with HSPU +5cm ROM, (3-5)
Rope Climbs 15′ L-Sit on parallettes, (10-15s)

”Score” 6 rounds

Focused on driving fast up from the bottom of the squats. Last set heavy, but no where near max. Split Jerk behind, (to save the wrist), felt a bit rusty in the lockout. And also maybe a bit heavier than intended since I misread and did an extra rep per set.
Front squats was quite heavy from the start, technique felt great though. 3rd set i started to wrestle the bar a bit and wrist told me to back off and – I actually listened, must have hit my head somewhere!

Sweat 1000? No, I have not decided to join any kind of retarded gym where the promise is to burn 1000 calories an hour, (yes there is actually a such in town), but without complaining on the heat, which I never do, I as much as anybody else is melting away right now. With only 60s rest between 2a and 2b it actually got a bit taxing at the end, and even though focus was on speed in each exercise instead of ”amrap” in the 20 min part, I think I lost about 3liters there..

Spent a good +90 minutes in the afternoon doing mobility, foam rolling etc – am I in danger of starting to take this athletic dream of mine for real perhaps?






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