OPT vs. Yogi = TKO

10 01 2012

”Commitment is the enemy of resistance, for it is the serious promise to press on, to get up, no matter how many times you are knocked down.”

– David McNally –

12.15pm, WOD from OPT:

3 Sets:
– 8 Deadlifts, ”Moderate”
– 1 min Row@90%
Average/500m: 1.34min, 1.39, 1.45


3 Sets:
– 10 KBS ”Though”, 32kg
– 1min Burpee Broad Jump
Distance: 24m, 18,  24 (done 6m in and out)


3 Sets:
– 15 Pull Ups
– 20 Push Ups (on dumbells due to wrist)
– 25 Sit Ups
UB 1.15min, UB 1.22, PshU br 2.25

Holy smokes Batman!

The workout itself was obviously rough, went out way to hard on the first row which I suffered from the reminder of the wod, BUT the worst was post wod.
Walked around trying to get the lactic acid out of my system for a couple of minutes, but then I just had to lay down and was flat on my back for a good 5-10mins. Went up to have some dried fruit and my whey shake and then I passed out on the couch in the office for about 45mins. Guessing my body isn’t efficient at recovering from lactic acid work yet. Probably worst post wod knock out I ever had..

Not sure what the prescribed rest between the different parts is here, commented and asked today, but I rested 10 mins between all of them. Burpee broad jumps I kept slow and ”steady”, geez they hurt. Body weight triplet in the end was way rougher than I expected, pull ups a bit awkward but still unbroken and consecutive, push ups easy first two rounds and then dreadful with like 4 breaks, sit ups was perfect to make me feel like I was up side down in a roller coaster after each round.

Legs are getting sorer by the minute, looking forward to rest day tomorrow!

On another note: Cape Town is damn beautiful in summer, nuff’ said.






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