More forced rest, getting really good at doing nothing!

6 01 2012

”Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.”

– Yoda –

Seriously, genetic mutation anyone..?

Well, after Monday’s session I realized I just have too many things that are banged up to go back to training just yet. Decided to take the week off, did something I wanted to do for a long time which leaves me unable to train anyway, and since I then I have been hiking a bit just to stay active.

Walked up the Pipe Track today, which is where the pic of the ”little” bugger above is from, (a 5rand is as big as a 5-krona for you Swedes), and anybody who knows anything about my phobia of bugs would be very proud that I didn’t ran down the mountain screaming like a little girl after someone ripped her barbie’s head off, but actually dared to both put and remove the coin from the stone.

Hike was good, needling afterwards not too painful, but then my chiro wanted me to go X-ray my elbow and wrist, since they’re not responding to the treatments. The good news is that the report read: ”No fractures or dislocates”, the question is: what the hell is wrong then…

Anti-inflammatory pills, transacts, rest and good nutrition is hopefully gonna bring me back to training next week, a blind man can see I need it.

A big little cave along the Pipe Track






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