Every second counts!

16 12 2011

”Thats part of life, but you only learn that when you start losing stuff. You find out life is game of inches…”

9.30am, WOD, Cape CrossFit Spring Throwdown:

A. In 2 min:

  • Row 300m
  • 100 Double Unders
    Unperformed DU’s = 1s added to your time

Immideately following A:

B. 3-6-9-12-9-6-3 of:

  • Box Jumps, 60cm
  • Thrusters, 43kg

My Scores – A:74 DU, B: 6’11min 

In the end, it actually came down to exactly one second for me to win the Challenge. I had on the second the same time as Andrew M on part B, which was the best male time of the day, if I would have gone ONE second slower the total ranking had given JP and me the same score and a shared 1st place. Small margins…

Not so happy with part A, misscommunication with Lynda who judged me got me off focus and it took me about halfway through part B before I let it go, good lesson for me: don’t mind the judge, just go!

Gave my self one goal and that was to stick with unbroken thrusters, may have left me resting from the box jumps every set, but mentally that was the best way to go. Sprinted pretty hard in the end, so good for me to be in a competitive environment! Legs was in pain a good 5-10 min after this wod, brutal to say the least..

Team competition at the beach tomorrow morning, (what’s up with all these 8am wods?), and then I’m probably jumping on the OPT Big Dawg programming from next week. Need better variation to stay motivated and to not shred every part of my body into pieces.





One response

16 12 2011

Thrusters boxhopp ser riktigt hemskt ut, som en elak Fran typ!

Testade 300m rodd+DU inom 2min som WU nu, var flåsigt 91 DU iaf 🙂


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