Explosive Technique

15 12 2011

”Fall seven times, stand up eight…”

11am, WOD Part 1

A. 6*100m Swim, approx 60s rest

3,5h rest

3pm, WOD Part 2

B1. Double Dip Squats, 5*3 @ 31XX1-tempo, (10s to B2):
102kg/3, 111/3, 120/3, 120/3, 120/3

B2. High Box Jump * 3, (3min to B1):
100cm/3 for all sets 

Swimming felt fine today, except for my damn goggles that refuse to stay put so I get that salty chlorine water in my eyes all the time, buhu…

Shoulder and elbow kind of out of order completely today, so gave them another rest day and wanted to work on explosiveness. Goal was to have impeccable technique and super good moving pattern for the squats and really try to drive fast up from the second dip, worked ok. BJ’s only to add some plyo training, which I might regret within a few hours when knowing that THIS is the events for the Cape CrossFit Spring Throwdown tomorrow.

Rowing and Thrusters, Why did I sign up for that one again? 😉






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