Holy smoke Batman, the volume is back!

12 12 2011

”Life is gonna beat you to your knees and keep you there, if you let it…”

– Rocky Balboa –

Not sure if I should read too much into the poor technique right now.

11am, WOD Part 1

WU: Cathletichs Standard WU, (Thx Mackie!)

A. 5*3-pos Snatch OTM (hip/mid thigh/knee):

B. Snatch Balance, Max for Day + 3*3@70% (otm):
52/3, 61/2, 70/1, 79/1, 84/1 PB?, 89/F, 3*3@63kg
C. Snatch Push Press, 3*3@80% of 1RM SB:

3h rest 

3.00pm, WOD Part 2 & 3:

D. ”3 More Challenge”, 6 min amrap 3-6-9-12-15… of:

  • KBS @ 32kg
  • Box Jumps @ 70cm (standing on box)
  • Hand Release Push Ups

Score: 15 Round + 13 KBS = 148p

 20 min rest

E. Death by OTM 2 Squat Cleans@80% of 1RM, (cap 20 min):
20*2 at 90kg

Started the day doing yoga on the rocks in Bakoven, couldn’t have a better start to any week!

Not very comfortable with the SB’s, jumping forward and not trusting neither shoulder or foot, but still ok with how it went down.

3 more Challenge was a disappointment again, wanted to finish the 18-round, but not even close. Need to work harder still on my conditioning for ”regular” metcons.

Squat cleans was a nice surprise. Honestly wondered if I was gonna get to 10 rounds considering how messed up my body felt, yeah I’m still suffering from those +60 deadlifts over 100kg on Friday, but after just a couple of rounds it starting feeling really good. Only struggled on the last lift of the last three rounds when the lower back had resigned. Don’t see how the 20 reps at 90% next week is ever gonna be a problem actually!

Only way to get through hard times is to push harder than the issues them self, so here’s to all my injuries and other demons: I’ll beat you by pushing til I prevail or it kills me. And if it does, see you in hell…





2 responses

12 12 2011
Marcus Herou

I like this workout day! Hey Nice Squat Cleans!

13 12 2011

Hehe ofc u do, its a shtload of work in there! 😉
Thx, they felt better and better.


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