Yogi the endurance athlete?

2 12 2011

”Our lives are based on what is reasonable and common sense; 
Truth is apt to be neither.”

– Christmas Humphreys –

Thursday, noon: 6*100m Swim

Today, 11.45am

A. Max Seated Box Jumps:
80cm/1, 90/1, 100/1, 110/F+F+F+1

B. Run 6*400m@85-90%, (90s):
Goal sub 1’20min per round
1’17min, 1’09(!), 1’17, 1’18, 1’34(…), 1’16

3pm, Part 2 From GWOD:


OK, maybe it’s stretching it ”a little bit” to call my self an endurance athlete after the above quite short distances. Haven’t exactly planned to register for the next Ironman, but for being me this has been a week with a lot of endurance. No weights week sucks, but feels quite necessary now at the end of it when I feel healed up and super amped to start lifting again.

Swim on Thursday went good, goal here is to be able to make 5 rounds of 200m free style without having to stop within each round, hope to make this in a slow progression and make it happen before the end of the year.

Seated box jumps was weird, according to Mackie, you’re suppose to be able to get the same height as a standing BJ, but I was way to much of a chicken for that. Hesitated every time until I got pissed at my self and got that lousy 110.

Runs was horrible. First one was with the wind in my back and felt like a warm up round, second was then obviusly INTO the wind so I just kept my chin down to be able to breath and went with a steady pace. Have absolutely no idea how that one went so fast! The rest of them was a struggle and after the fourth one I wanted to give up, but convinced my self it was better to do two really slow ones than nothing. Got annoyed with my sad performance and pushed it quite hard on the last round again.

GWOD felt like a perfect ”activator” after 5 days of no gym training. Bottom of Skin The Cat and the Dip was way harder than I thought, especially since my abs started cramping from holding the hollow pos. Got everything ”unbroken” in the end and felt like a ninja walking out of the room, hopefully it’s a life long effect so I don’t have to this again… 😉





4 responses

2 12 2011
Marcus Herou

Kolla tuben finns massor av seated BJ!

Bra löpning, det tar sig! Vad var d jag sa om det protokollet eh för två månader sen 🙂

2 12 2011

Haha, yup, hemskt men tack..

2 12 2011

Haha, sub 1:20 är inte så lätt om man inte pacear loppen 🙂
Drömgränsen är tydligen sub 1:08 med 10 lopp…

2 12 2011

Sjukt svårt med farthållningen idag, det var halv storm typ. Gillade dock känslan av att inte kunna pacea. Mmm, snacka DRÖMgräns…


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