I like to Pull it, Pull it..

23 11 2011

”The greatest meditation is a mind that lets go.”

– Atisha, Buddhist Quote

11.30am, WOD Part 1

A. Strict MU, 1-1-1-1-1

B. WPU, 3RM:
18/5, 36/3, 46/3 PB! (I think)

C. CTB, 25-20-15 (60s rest):
27s, 42, 32 (all unbroken but only first consecutively). 

3h rest

3.30pm, WOD Part 2

D. TNG-Deadlifts, (15 = increase to next time, <12 = lower weight):

E. Row Intervals, 1 min on/2min off:
Goal average sub 1’35min/500m

  1. 1’34.7 – 316m
  2. 1’34.3 – 318m
  3. 1’34.3 – 318m
  4. 1’34.4 – 317m
  5. 1’35.5 – 314m (!!!)

Body is finally feeling better after the weekends escapades. Need to work on my strict MU, good thing is that each rep got cleaner and cleaner actually. I’m not so good at this WPU-business, but I am improving. Stamina pull ups was actually meant to be 3*25, but also with the rule of getting at least two unbroken rounds, when 2nd was way harder than expected I wisely took the numbers down. Don’t wanna aggravate my easily inflamed elbow.

Fun to start following Mackie & Dave’s TNG Deadlit protocol, this weight was very light but want to focus on good form, (it could have been even better), and slowly work my way up. Mackie is up around 200kg’s for 15 reps now, maybe that’s something to aim for… in 2017…

Rowing? Well rowing is rowing = never fun, and this time I think it was close to kill me. Told Lynda that ”after three rounds you will feel ok, then you know you have done more than half”, but then at that point I my self had so many escape routes out of that room that I could have transformed all seasons of Prison Break into a 30 min cartoon.
While trying to avoid dying, I cursed my self for not doing that last pull on the last round with 3s to go which let it go from an average of 1’34, but I will still ”count it” as all rounds sub 1’35-average. Meaning that I have to try sub 1’33/1’34 next time, uack!

Time for another exercise I’m really good at during tomorrow’s active rest. Swimming, yay!





8 responses

25 11 2011

Håller med riktigt bra roddar med 1 minuts vila, starka viktade PU också!

27 11 2011

Gah, missprint ofc. 2 min vila… thx!

24 11 2011
Marcus Herou

BYTW sluta med översträcket i DL. Det där kan paja ryggen. Raka knän och höft räcker. (Robbans order till oss i MK)

24 11 2011

Really, tänkte CF-tävling där man ju måste ha axlarna bakom höften.. Thx!

24 11 2011

Stark rodd och skön prison break liknelse!

24 11 2011

Thx, jämför man med dig är jag så klart fortfarande en liten chimpansbebis. Man kanske ska börja använda C2s bodyweight index istället så kan jag ju komma lite närmare… 😉

23 11 2011
Marcus Herou

Bra bra bra! Schysst rodd också. Precis de där jag borde kört. Orkar ju i typ 31s.

Psykologiskt gillar jag 25-20-15 bättre än20-20-20 bytw

24 11 2011

Just därför jag gillar 3by20 tex bättre, man måste bita ihop så sjukt mkt för att få ihop sista rundan. Dock ur intenstitetssynpunkt funkar fallande set bättre i metcons..


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