I will never again…

22 11 2011

”One’s real life is often the life that one does not lead.”

– Oscar Wilde –

11.30am, WOD Part 1

A. Press, 3RM + 2*3@90%:
43kg/5, 61/3, 70/3, 77/2, 70/3, 70/3

B. Back Squat, 1RM + 2*1@90%:
102/5, 125/3, 143/2, 152/1, dnf…

3h Rest 

3pm, WOD Part 2

C. From OPT, 5 sets:

  • Ring Dips, Amrap -2: 29-14-11-9-8
    20s rest
  • High Box Jumps, step down, (80cm)
    20s rest
  • Amrap DU in 30 secs: 61-45-55-63-55
    60s rest 
D. Russian Swings, 5*15 for speed, (30s):
21s, 21, 21, 20, 21

Did a lot of stupid things this weekend. Slept too little, ate even less and drank a little too much. Couldn’t do the planned row intervals due to aiching left elbow so chose to do Flight Sim and 100 GHD’s for time instead. Nothing really stupid with that, but missed too many times to get a PB in Flight and the stupidity shone through once again when I just trashed my plan of 4*25 GHD’s and did 40 straight in the first set. Obviously got smashed in the end and missed my PB with 10s, and the 5 min goal with over half a minute.
Now, that isn’t really the end of the world either now is it? No, but when you combine all the above and a few more moron acts, it’s easy to see that I have my self to blame for still being completely out of order. Hip flexors has never been this destroyed and the lack of nutrients, (alcohol doesn’t really count and one gluten free pizza in 48h isn’t really enough), has left the rest of my body quite unrecovered as well.

None of the above is much to whine about, but when I claim to be serious about my goals, it’s just not acceptable. And when it effects me as per today, well it just has to disappear if I wanna get even close to where I wanna be 6 months from now. Shoulders stiff and sore so felt quite uncomfortable already from the start in the press. Back Squats was just ridicilous, hip flexors and with them the rectus femoris is just gone so when 152kg felt like a ton, I decided to let it be.

”Metcon” went ok. Thought I did 30 dips, but stood corrected when I checked the video. Not the end of the world, on a good day I have way more in me. Box Jumps must have looked fun since I’m not exactly the tallest guy and trying to STEP down almost had me falling over a couple of times.

Good speed on the russian swings, shoulders pretty smoked as said so didn’t wanna go for full ROM.

No need dwelling in the past, think I honestly learned a few really important lessons this weekend, so from here on I can only either do what I know is needed or  shut the F up when it comes to not reaching my goals. Period.

Gonna do a couple of fairly light wods this week, today’s, tomorrow and then a ”Monkey Speziale” at CrossFit Jozi on Friday. Also looking forward to the trainers workouts at the Level 1 Seminar that I’m interning on again this weekend, they’re usually quite original. Then, next week I have to decided to make it a no weights week. Focusing on conditioning in the pool, at the track and on the rower for one week will hopefully let my wrist heal completely, (it isn’t really getting better at all right now, actually worse), and then I have a good plan for December, bring it!






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