OTM Failure…

18 11 2011

”If better is possible, then good is not enough..”

12.15pm, WOD Part 1

A. Behind The Neck Split Jerk, find 2RM:
61/2, 84/2, 93/2, 102/2, 111/2, 120/1+F

B. Snatch Grip Push Jerk, 3*7 ”TnG”, (45s):
61kg/6, 70/7, 79/7

3h rest

3.15 pm, WOD Part 2

C. Death By OTM 3 Squat Cleans@70% of 1RM (79kg), cap 20 min:
12 Rounds

D. Max L-sit * 3, (60s):
25s, 10, 11

As always when I don’t get what I set out to do, I give my self a ton of excuses. ”Oh, my legs were tired from the runs yesterday already from the start. Oh, my arms are sore from the 100 PU’s Wednesday.” Etc, etc..
In reality I just need to suck it up and work harder for it.

Don’t think I’ve done Behind SJ’s for max weight before so these were some kind of PB’s. 120 felt so light on the first but then I didn’t focus on the lockout on the 2nd. In general my second lift is a little bit technically better in the jerk, which is why I wanted 2RM’s.
TNG Jerks was inspired by OPT, but since I don’t wanna put to much strain on my wrist I chose this snatch version over regular Push Jerks, felt as a good stabilizer for a solid lockout.

Like said, starting making excuses early in the on the minute lifts. Lower back started aching after like 4 rounds and that was when I set 12 as a shame level for my self, stupid because then I will never push my self past that. Haven’t quite decided yet, either I count this one and go for 2’s at 80% next week, or I just re-start it and make damn sure that I get the full 20 rounds. That isn’t really a requirement, but something I think would be good for me.

L-sits was funny, actually started dreaming of a full minute around 20 secs in, then crash, boom, bang and the fat lady sang.

Beach wod tomorrow and some 1 min intervals of row should make for a perfect comatozed version of my self for the reminder of the weekend!





One response

19 11 2011
Marcus Herou

Kör vidare annars blir det som att köra typ samma wod två veckor i rad. OK men submaximalt. Se till istället att krossa nästa.

FYI så var 5x3x95 jävligt (75%) drygt för mig. Kommer bli en pina att göra 4x så många.


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