Chocolate Muffins makes you strong!

14 11 2011


12.30pm, WOD Part 1

A. WU: 3*3 Skin the cat to Tucked Front Lever

B. Press 5RM, then 90% 2*5 reps:
43/5, 52/5, 61/5, 70/5 PB! (+5kg), 63/5+5

C. Strict Ring Dips, with turn out in top, 3*10 (60s):
10, 10, 8+2

2,5h Rest 

4pm, WOD Part 2:

D. ”WU”Squat Cleans:
61/5, 70/3, 79/3

E. Back Squats 3RM:
102/5, 125/3, 143/3, 152/3 PB!, 161/3 PB! (+13.5kg) 

F. Twisted Toes to Bar, 5*10 (30s)
Hands shoulder width, both feet must touch on the outside.

Obviously very stoked about these scores! May not jump up and down quite yet though since there’s always a risk that Dave finds the old PB’s to be inacurrate. Do know however that the press felt very good, first time in a long while, and that 161kg is my old 1RM Back Squat PB which I am damn happy to be able to do for 3 now!

Forgot how good of a warm up ring gymnastics actually are, more of that to come, and actually found out that if I put my thumb on the same side of the bar as the fingers, it doesn’t irritate my wrist! Unfortunately that is not the position I’m ending up in when doing cleans, so as you might have figured out after the warm up for those on the minute lift, my wrist gently asked me to avoid that pressure, and don’t ask me what happened – but I actually listened for once!

On a new workout plan right now, where I go for volume every other day and lower intensity monostructural kind of training in between (swimming, running, hiking etc). Hoping that this will let my body recover enough to stop getting all these small injuries.

Twisted TTB was really good for me, thought I filmed them but missed to press ”record”, since they force you to work even more on body control. Plan was to do a short metcon after but yet again my poor planning left me out of time, probably good for the wrist though. Also got so excited about the 3RM that I did a Mackie and forgot to do the 90% follow up sets, next time!





8 responses

17 11 2011

Grymt fina böjar Chris! verkar som om dina crazy volume pass ala Mr Morrison har skrämt upp kroppen ett par nivåer. Grattis!

17 11 2011

Thx dude, more to come I hope! 🙂

14 11 2011
Marcus Herou

Vackert! Sorry för den omedvetna dissen på FB, visste inte att det var press det handlade om ens 🙂

Stark böj, wtf! typiskt att vi körde 3RM idag och du kissade på mig med 10kg! Starkt som fan

15 11 2011

Hehe nw,det var ju inte pressen jag var så nöjd med.. 😉

14 11 2011

Tokiga böj, håller med 152 var lätt! Nu är det dags för 1RM va?

Tror att pressen är ett PB, fast du har inte maxat ur den på riktigt förut va?

14 11 2011

Helt rätt, har nog inte kört 5RM press på riktigt förut. Tanken är 1RM BS next week, 170 minimum, hoppas på 175! 😛

14 11 2011

Fy fan va vackert att se dig böja! Du kör till och med utan bälte va?

14 11 2011

Gracias amigo, yup kör bara bälte på tunga mark för att inte krascha länden. Tänk om benstyrkan kunde hoppa över på lite andra lyft nu oxå… 😉


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