Cherry picking row?

5 11 2011

”Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil.”

Jerry Garcia

Don’t worry it’s not 4 mins of rowing in here… 😉

11am, WOD

”Jackie”, For Time:

  • 1000m Row
  • 50 Thrusters, 20kg
  • 30 Pull Ups
Time: 6’26 min

First time doing Jackie, but I have a T-shirt saying ”I’ve done them all” with all the girls names on it so when Rika suggested this benchmark from the CCF programming last week, it felt like a good deal. Plan was originally to do 1 min intervals on the rower so this was a fair bargain. Plan to hold 1’55min/500m average, but actually was hard going that slow. Kept it around 1’50 til the last 200m where I slowed down purposely.
Thrusters I wanted unbroken but didn’t really know if I could. Picked up the bar and though ”Ok, do 30/20”, got to 20 and thought, ”Hmm, 35/15?”, then getting to 30ish I told my self to suck it up and finish. Pull ups easy once I got started, with a little less fear (read shorter breaks between exercises), I should be able to get this one down close to 6 mins.

All in all happy with my time though.

Started the Saturday off by co-coaching the first beach workout of the season with Jobst, and damn was that fun. 22 athletes rolling around in the sand throwing medicine balls at each other and watching me face plant in the sand while ”demoing” push ups made for a perfect morning. Next weekend we’re at the outdoor pool for a water wod and then every other week is planned to be spent at the beach, if you have the chance to be there: don’t miss out!

Oh, on a final note: back is feeling much better, wrist so so but still overall two days of lower volume has made me thinking that perhaps I should try to take the planned volume down even more.





5 responses

5 11 2011

Bra tid! Trodde först du hade cherrypickat 60min AMRAP 🙂
Grymt att fixa allt obrutet, den måste jag testa, har aldrig gjort!

5 11 2011

Hehe jag är korkad, men inte sååå korkad… 😉
Som sagt nu när man vet tror jag att man kan tjäna rätt mkt genom att bara kliva på varje övning direkt, sub 6 vore grymt!

5 11 2011
Marcus Herou

Seriöst du gjorde ju typ CTB-BF!

5 11 2011

Thx jag är nöjd! Haha, jag sa till Jobst att jag trodde att CTB inte skulle ha saktat ned mig särskilt mkt.. 😛

5 11 2011
Marcus Herou

Det där är en bra tid! 1min snabbare än mug grrr


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