Sluggish legs

25 10 2011

”Specialization is for insects.”

Coach Glassman, in THIS Men’s Health article 

Back in the hill!

11.30am, WOD Part 1

A. 5 Accelerating Hill Sprints 70-95%, rest/walk down in between

12.55pm, WOD Part 2

WU, from

  • 2 min Middle Split
  • 2 min Pike Stretch
  • 2 min Pancake Split
B. 3 rounds Ring Gymnastics:
L-(ish) MU + Fwd Roll to L-hang + L-skin the Cat + Inverted hang + lowering Front Lever
C. From CCF, 12 min Amrap:
  • 15 Box Jumps, 60cm (fully standing on box)
  • 10 Burpees
  • 5 Chest to RINGS PU
Score: 7 rounds + 5 BJ
Wow, was my legs ever made of syrup, today was that day. Didn’t time the intervals in the hill, just divided each run in three parts which I did at approx 70, 80, 90-95% speed. Never went to max, but each round was taxing me more than the previous.

Felt quite smashed when I got to the gym, took me a good hour before I even could push my self to warm up. Ring series went ok, gymnasticswod stretch before definitely helped my stiff hammies.

Metcon was same feeling as hill sprints all over, no fast gear to put in with any of the exercises. Did like the Ring PU’s though, way harder than regular ones, had to single kip almost every one. Hopefully a light swim session and then two full days of rest will be exactly what I need to feel fast on Saturday’s competition!






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