Couple of PB’s, not satisfied..

23 10 2011

”Solitary trees, if they grow at all, grow strong.”

– Winston Churchill –

Friday 12.30pm, WOD 1:

A. Snatch Max for Day:
52/1, 57/1, 61/1, 66/1, 70/1, 75/F+F+1…

B. Clean & Jerk, Max for Day:
70/1, 79/1, 88/1, 93/1, 98/1, 102/1, 107/1, 112.5/1 PB! (+1.5kg), 116/F+F+F 

Friday, 3pm, WOD 2

C. 3 RFT, 25 Burpees/500m Row

Time: 11’00 min PB (-1’28min).

New PB in the Clean AND Jerk, have cleaned this once before. Snatch is just completely off. Wont let it get to me right now however, focus is on the UWS Games next weekend, will figure the rest out afterwards..

Burpee/Row obviously dreadful, but I kept a too low pace on the burpees to make it sub the 10 mins I was aiming for. Can prob go about 5s faster per row as well, but that would just cost too much energy.

Saturday we did some team practice for the upcoming competition and I think we have it all down now. If everybody just give it their all we will, besides from having a ton of fun which is the main goal, probably do a pretty good job and perform well enough for a good placing.
Today I joined one of the other teams from our box for a 500ish meter run (without warmup, sucked) and then some work in the pool. Breathing technique is feeling better each time, not claiming to be fast or anything, but pretty sure I will at least survive my portion of the swim..






4 responses

23 10 2011

Det jag menade var att om du väntar in stången både med klipp och armbågar så kommer du få stången närmare överkroppen. Då kommer du fånga.stången mycket högre upp på axlarna( =snabbare armbågar) samt så kommer du nog slippa hoppa efter stången sådär.
Grattis till nytt PR där btw!

23 10 2011

Ah, mmm will try! Thx, ville ha mer så klart… 😉

23 10 2011

Det var ju ett PB på woden också ju! 12:30-ish hade du senast.
Vänta in klippet lite till så kommer armbågarna snurra runt stången mycket lättare!

23 10 2011

Hehe, det va det jag menade med ett par PB, glömde skriva det bara.. 😛
Mmm, har inte riktigt rätt timing i OL just nu, skönt att jag är lika stark fortf iaf!


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