Pull it til you drop!

18 10 2011

”Much to learn, you still have.”

– Yoda –

2pm WOD

WU – 3 Sets: 1 MU + 1 Fwd Roll + 1 Skin The Cat + 1 Inverted Hang to descending Front Lever

A. WCTB, 3-3-3-3:
18kg/3, 23/3, 28/3 PB, 36/1+F
B. MU, No false grip, 3*Max (-1):
5, 3, 4

C. From OPT, For Time:

  • 30 CTB Unbroken
  • 400m Run
  • 25 CTB UB
  • 400m Run
  • 20 CTB UB* (12/8)
  • 400m Run
  • 15 CTB UB* (12/3)

Time: 11’04 min

Ouch, metcon hurt. Maybe partly because of all the pulling I did before. What is it that makes WCTB so hard, just can’t figure them out. 28kg felt so easy, second rep on 36 wasn’t even close. My MU’s aren’t really good either right now. Too stiff for a nice transition so I told my self the rules was that as soon as I didn’t get both elbows moving simultaneously, that was the last rep of any set. Need to work on my shoulder mobility.

OPT-metcon was as said, quite rough. Set a sub 10 min goal, but clearly missed it. Running indoors on a 33m-”track”, slows you down a bit but what really messed me up was obviously the unbroken-rule. First set done continuously in about 35s, good speed! Second set I had to do the last 7 as single kips, without coming off the bar, not so fast…
That obviously killed my grip and made it ”impossible” for me to hang on for the 20-round. Chickened out from redoing that round and gave my self permission to one break each for the last two rounds. What annoys me with this is that if I would have managed the 20-set, I would never have broken the 15 in the end. Which leads me to a conclusion: I need to stop using failure as an excuse for more failure. Need to treat every round, set and rep of any wod as a separate moment where I give it all I have. That, and that alone, will make me as good as I can and want to be…

On a funny note: I can still feel the doms in my legs from last weeks 11 tons of Squat, and tomorrow it’s time for round 2, with heavier weights. Good times!





One response

19 10 2011
Marcus Herou

Too much talk of failure 😉


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