11.1 Tons of Back Squats, check!

12 10 2011

”Nowness-awareness is the secret of enlightenment and self-realization: the Buddha within.”

– Lama Surya Das, Buddha Standard Time

Don’t worry, it’s only the two last of the rounds… 😉

12.15pm, WOD Part 1

A. 5 sets: Power Clean + Front Squat + Clean + Jerk (hold 5s in split) @ 70%, 75kg (n every 2nd min):
B. Hang Snatch High Pull (Flat Footed), 4*4 @ 60%, 43kg (otm):

C. Blair Morrison’s Death By Back Squats, 5 Reps on the Minute @ 70% of 1 RM (20min cap):
20 Rounds!

Rest 2 hours

D. Death By HSPU:
Score: 9+4 HSPU

OL felt ok today, right thumb tendon is giving me some issues but trying to keep it out of the loop.

Weird how different the Squats was this time compared to three weeks ago when I got 10 rounds and wanted to die! Not saying this was easy, and I still had problems walking down the stairs later this night, but I got through it the whole way unbroken and quite explosive. Honestly think my mindset was the biggest difference, had decided already from the start to aim for 20 rounds and right now I am finding my motivation to push through again, world watch out!

Didn’t really know what to do for my second session, actually contemplated skipping it and foam roll even more instead, but then I remembered that I’m not really happy with my HSPU stamina atm. Got through 8 rounds unbroken, had to break down 9th and then I was smoked. Goal was +10 so not satisfied. Definitely what I need though, pressing body weight exercises is turning into a weakness for me and that is not acceptable.

Swimming in the outdoor pool tomorrow morning, which probably will be both cold and not so beautiful. But, I need it. Also it might work a little as a recovery wod for my legs, they will be out of order for a couple of days most likely..





5 responses

13 10 2011

I’ve got to say, man…that’s some sick work capacity! I’m a little jealous!

13 10 2011

Thx dude, squats has become a strength of mine lately. But, one thing that no one needs to envy is the DOMS of today, any stair looks like Everest right now… 😉

13 10 2011

Riktigt bra jobbat, speciellt jämfört med senast! Helt klart det sitter i huvudet då sista setet såg riktigt lätt ut!
Jag kanske ska köra det passet idag för att tagga till inför SM 🙂

13 10 2011

Thx boys, sjukt nog var det inte sååå farligt. Tungt javisst men bra kontroll på att jag skulle grejja det hela vägen. Benen idag? Vill inte ens prata om det…

13 10 2011
Marcus Herou

Strongt! Hemskt jävla pass det där


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