Low volume Tuesday

11 10 2011

”This is the secret essence of inner freedom and autonomy:
Letting be.
Be still.
All is right here;

Don’t stray elsewhere.”

Lama Surya Das,  Buddha Standard Time –

2pm, WOD

A. WCTB, 3-3-1-1-1:
18/3, 23/3, 28/1, 36/1 PB!, 41/F 

B. Ring Dips to L-sit hold 3 sec, 3*5 reps:
5, 5, 5

C. CTB Butterfly for speed, 3*20 (60s):
22s PB!
(ub), 23s (ub), 1’02min (13/4/3)

D. GHD Sit Ups for speed, 3*20 (60s):
36s, 37, 35s PB!

Felt good that I had planned a low volume day after yesterday. Changed my plan and moved running from today til Saturday to be more fresh for tomorrow. WCTB is a joke, how hard can it be? Anyway, guess it is a goat officially now so will work hard to get better at them. Regular CTB on the other hand felt really good with my wider grip! Fast and ub first two rounds, then I think my mind played me a game and I just dropped from the bar and started doubting my self. GHD’s I just put in there since it was quite a long time ago, and I felt that I couldn’t have too little volume after all..

Will be doing the first 4 events from ”SM” (Swedish Nationals in CrossFit) on Friday & Saturday. As much as I wish that I could be there, I am one of the few that has done the two previous years after all, I must say I’m a bit disappointed in the events them self. Quite boring and without any imagination when it comes to testing the athletes in areas they usually don’t do in their regular training, if you ask me. Which is what I personally think a CF competition at this level should do?

However, I know the guys running the show, and they will not disappoint anyone when it comes to throwing a great weekend together. The atmosphere when the community comes together is what I will miss the most. But as said, will do the events ”for fun” and even though I haven’t been training for this weekend in particular it will be fun to see how far behind I am from the top guys, and of course how close I can get to my friends that are competing. In fact, I both hope and expect that to be the same guys this year knowing how good they are at the moment.

Best of luck boys, you know who you are!






4 responses

12 10 2011

Eller så får du fråga mig först innan du sätter ut”PB” 😉
Jag sökte på GHD då jag hade för mig att du har gjort det snabbare, det var så jag hittade det.

12 10 2011

Tror fan det är en bra regel, skaffa wazzap ska jag bomba dig varje dag! ”Daaave, vad tar jag i knäböj?” 😀

12 10 2011

Är du säker på det? 😉

Grymma CTB! Mitt andra set där skulle nog se ut som ditt tredje!

12 10 2011

ASdadsadasd, fattar inte. Söker ”GHD” i search och ändå hittar den inte passet? Ska skriva upp alla små PB i handflatan..
Japp, nöjd med andra setet, förra ggn var det precis så 24s första 1.01 andra.. 😛


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