Annoyingly Close * 2

27 09 2011

”The only person you are destined to become is the person you decided to be.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson – 

11.55am WOD Part 1

A. Weighted CTB, 5-5-3-1-1:
18kg/5, 23/5, 28/3, 36/F, 36/F

B. Bar-MU, 7-7-7, (90s):
5, 5, 5

C. Butterfly PU, 3*30 (60s)
33s (30), 47s (30), 1’22min (10+6+7+7)

Rest 4h

5pm, WOD Part 2

WU, light run up to the Reservoir, 5 min panting and wondering how a light jog can be so hard..

D. 3 * 800m run, 1st @ 95-100%, 2&3rd @ 80-85%, (5 min rest):
2’38min, 3’05, 3’00

OK, finally I experienced what Dave meant by it being hard to hit that bar at heavy WCTB, weights not heavy at all I just couldn’t push my chest forward to touch! Knowing that my flexibility has been a bit down prioritized lately, I think it’s an easy fix.

Bar MU felt a bit awkward still and hands are quite sore from a lot of pulling last week so rather than failing, I kept the reps a little lower than planned. First round of Butterflies felt good, second one not too bad either even though I had to re-start the kip for the last 6-7 reps. Last round my biceps felt like in the old disco building days and I was surprised I could do them at all.

So if the CTB was close enough to annoy me, that was nothing compared to how I felt when I looked at the stopwatch after the first 800m, 1sec over my PB! Went out way too slow, (first 400m around 1’25min), but still could have easily shaved another 2-3s off that time if I had known how close I was. This was just a test for my running form however, and I am satisfied with feeling like I should get down sub those 2’30 I’m aiming for within a few weeks if I just get some more running in there.

Plan is to do some 400m intervals next week, 200m intervals the following, back to 400m again after that and THEN do another set of 800m’s. Expect nothing but pure speed by then folks!

Probably need at least a weeks rest from it though, considering how stiff my calves is only a few hours after the session, I don’t even wanna think about how I will be walking the rest of the week…





8 responses

27 09 2011

Irriterande de där tunga CTB, nästan lika irriterande med folk som Erik och Jon som tycker att det är typ samma övning som WPU”bara dra lite högre”

Bra pullups 30×3, starkt att fixa 2 obrutna rundor förstår att du var pumpad!

28 09 2011
Marcus Herou

Ja? Exakt så är ju wctb 🙂

Bra sprunget din odåga!

28 09 2011

Hehe, jag tyckte oxå att de var så ända tills jag försökte med lite riktig vikt.. Jo löpningen kändes bättre än förväntat, undrar hur den kommer kännas efter Eva nästa vecka……………..

28 09 2011
Marcus Herou

Tips: Lägg Eva med vilodag efter. Hon krossar har jag hört. Har aldrig kört henne. Dumheter 🙂

28 09 2011

Jag ska bara köra för att jag har en tröja som säger ”I’ve done them all” med alla benchmark girlsen på…..

29 09 2011

Lite deja vu va? Tycker jag känner igen den här diskussionen 😉

1 10 2011
Marcus Herou

Sådärja. Du som gillar stamina har måste from nu spendera 70min av din vecka till att ro 🙂

2 10 2011



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