OL Technique

14 09 2011

”When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.”

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OK, Embedding doesn’t seem to work, VIDEO HERE!

Feedback on technique plz…

2.30pm, WOD

WU: 3* 2 Clean Long Pulls, 2 Front Squats, 2 Clean Sotts Press:
20kg, 29, 38

A. Clean Segment Pull + Clean Pull, 3*(2+2):
102kg, 111, 120
B. Clean & Jerk @ 60%, 3*1 + 3:
C. Snatch Balance, 3*3:
43kg, 52, 61

D. 5 Rounds of 6 TnG C&J @ 61kg, (60s rest):
20s, 18, 18, 16, 17
E. Wallballs, 2*30 (60s):
1’03 min (1 miss), 59s

F. Row Intervals, 3*1 min on/1 off
Goal: average sub 1’36min/500m

  1. 1’35.2min/500m – 28 cals
  2. 1’35.5 – 27
  3. 1’35.5 – 27

Those ab-mat situps really knew where to hit me, been avoiding laughing all day..

Clean Pulls felt really good! For some reason 120 didn’t stuck on the camera, but they actually felt as ”light” as the previous. C&J a bit awkward technique wise, Snatch Balance even worse – I CAN’T avoid jumping in the start.
Speed C&J will hopefully get me to that sub 2 min ”Grace” I’m aiming to have before the end of this month. Found a pretty effecient technique in the end, just need to keep it for about 30 reps now, hehe..

Wallballs felt ok, discounted one rep on the first round for being to low, second was better and didn’t tax me too much. Row was so damn painful. Already on the second round I thought I was gonna miss my aim. 5 rounds sub 1’30 on an average shouldn’t be so hard for me, now should it..? Feels like it’s lightyears away.

Ducked Lions Head this morning, plainly coz I just wasn’t in the right mood. If body feels ok tomorrow morning I might do it then instead, otherwise it’s a full rest day on the schedule and then heading up to Jozi to intern at the Cert and also do the FGB-Challenge at CrossFit Jozi. Really looking forward to the cert & to meet all the people within the community again. The FGB? Not so much..

That said, it will be fun to be in a competitive environment again!






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