Lazy PB…

13 09 2011

”Some people dream of success… while others wake up and work hard at it.”

A. WCTB, 5by5 @ 18kg:
5, 5, 4+F, 3+F, 3
B. Bar-MU, 3*5:
5, 3, 4
C. Butterfly-PU, 3*25, (60s):
25 (31s), 25 (32), 10+5+5+5 (1’32min)

Lunch & Rest 2h

WU: Mini Flight Similator: 1’32 (excactly same as PB..).

D. ”Annie” 50-40-30-20-10:

  • Double Unders
  • Sit Ups (anchored)

Time: 5’54min PB! (-4sec)..

E. Box Jumps, 3*3@50cm:
34s, 33, 34 

OK, may be stretching a bit to say I’m not working hard to get where I want, but I do make some excuses to my self and have not yet found the motivation to start pushing through truly grueling metcons.

Not getting so much stronger in the WCTB on paper but they felt a bit stronger today. Every missed rep was about 1-2cm away. MU felt awkward and off, PU kind of the same. Funny enough I’m actually faster with CTB Butterflies, but that’s probably just dayform..

A PB is a PB, but thought I would be a bit faster. Annoying on the mini flight, lost the handles and dropped the rope just before the very last 5 repper..
Box jumps is just a little bit of preparation for FGB on friday, felt very good. Feel confident in these and basically never drop the pace. Barely out of breath from these so hoping for way more on Friday!




3 responses

15 09 2011

Aha, där ser man! Måste ha lurats av ditt skrivande ang. snabbare CTB i texten!

14 09 2011

Fan vad bra CTB-PU du har, jag kanske skulle ha skrapat ihop 15 ub med 60s vila andra varvet.

14 09 2011

Dude I wish, men jag tror att du blandade ihop det nu. Det här var vanliga PU.. 😉


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