Needed a PB!

12 09 2011

Note to self: It’s better to arrive late than to never arrive at all…

Saturday 10.30am, WOD

A. OHS, 5-5-5-5-5:
43/5, 61/5, 70/5, 79/5, 84kg/5 PB! 

B. Thrusters, 3*20 @ 43kg (60s):
38s, 37, 38

C. Horrible Cindy, 7 rounds, 5 + 2 Rounds (3 min b/t):
5 CTB, 10 Burpees, 15 Walking Lunges
5’09 min + 1’40 min

To boost selfasteem in training there’s nothing better than to hit easy PB’s. This one was almost a year old and I actually did 7 reps at 79 that time, bound to happen in other words but still a PB. Wobbly yes, but never felt heavy actually. Thought about adding another 5kgs, but was happy with this for now.
Thrusters actually felt better than expected. During the Horrible rounds actually WL’s turned out to be way worse than burpees, first time ever. Reason for the 3 min break between round 5 & 6 was that I probably had a bad badge of chicken Friday because exactly like during that workout I just HAD to go to the mens room at that point…

Note to self was just a reminder to not stress while scootering through Cape Town ever again. I usually consider my self a very safe driver, but when I had 20 mins to get out and back to Mowbray and then down to Waterfront to catch a movie, my driving was more like a speed chase than catious and when one of the crazy driving mini bus taxis decided to cut 2,5 lane while I was going 70-80km/h that almost was the end of it. No clue how but it must have looked pretty damn cool from the outside, hit both brakes which locked front wheel and got the entire scooter to start sliding at somewhere at a 30 degree angle. Reacted fast enough and when I let go of the brakes again the vehicle litterally jumped up and wobbled quite a bit before keep rolling forward. Always thought it would be cool to be a stunt man but that was just a bit too close to not be scary.

Anyway, ended well with only half a heart attack and then of course it felt perfect to watch Final Destination 15 minutes later…





3 responses

12 09 2011

Såg inte alls wobbligt ut, du tappade ju bara balansen lite efter rep1. Som du säger så finns det mer i tanken!

Lite fånigt att bryta burpees dock 😉

Benen känns lite efter det där passet va? 🙂

12 09 2011

Thx, vänster axel kändes inte helt stabil/utlåst men annars helt ok. Hehe, precis vad jag tänkte men då trodde jag ju fortfarande att jag hade två raka varv kvar… 😉

12 09 2011

Och ja, men jag trodde träningsvärken skulle vara värre. Knappt öm alls…


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