Completely Off

9 09 2011

”Look at things not as they are, but as they can be.”

– David J. Schwartz –

Not even gonna bother printing out what I did today. Was short on time and decided to do my ”Max for Day” lifts with time limits, 10-15 mins per lift and that did not work out at all. Don’t think the time factor was the issue though, I just couldn’t get it together. Failed a Power Snatch at 70 and a Power Clean at 102…

Weirdly enough I feel better than in a long while. Body feels strong, diet has been really good and sleep at least ok. None of my injuries is really bothering me enough to wine about it so I guess I’m just off. I do understand that the illusions I have in my head (I refuse to realize why I can’t be at the same level as before, even though I had some kind of break), is keeping me wanting for more than I can handle, but today was just bad from every angle.

Did 3 rounds of Push Presses at 61 (20, 10, 10) but even there my shoulders was super slow when it comes to locking out and the weight felt heavier than it should. Punished my self with 5 rounds of 30s on/90 off all out rowing, and that hurt just as much as it was intended to..

Anyway, I love cauliflower.





2 responses

9 09 2011

Äsch det var bara en sån dag, been there done that, man har det inte alltid. Kommer gå mycket bättre nästa gång!

Btw hur odlar man kokosnötter? 😉

9 09 2011

Thx man, konstigt nog blev jag inte för nedstämd heller. Känns som det var en dipp bara. HAHA kokos…… 😀


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