The long way back

5 09 2011

”To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at the time, but we must keep on stepping.”

– Chinese Proverb –

[Was planning to post a video of my squats and push presses, but realized it’s actually not that exciting.]

2.30pm, WOD

A1. Front Squats, Double Dip, 5*5 @ 102kg – Done!
90s to:
A2. Broad Jumps, 3 for Distance, (3-4 min to A1):
7.5m, 8, 7.75, 8, 8

B. Snatch Grip Push Press (Behind the neck), 5-5-5-5-5:
61/5kg, 70/5, 79/5, 84/5, 89/5

C. Back Squats, 20 reps @ 102

C. Box Jumps, 3*20 (60s):
26s, 24, 26

D1. Max AB-Mat Sit Ups in 60s:
48 reps
rest exactly 60s, then:
D2. Tabata Double Unders:
7*30 + 1*40

Score = D1*D2 (low score): 1440p

Legs were suppose to get another two days to recover before heavy squatting again, but since arms were still kind of disabled I didn’t really have a choice. Felt that. Bailed on the 20-repper because legs felt so slow, might try it on Wednesday though. Can only hope that the poor positioning and feeling of these previously ”light” weights being really heavy goes away more and more.

Box Jumps was actually too easy, think I’ll step up straight to 3*30 next time. D excercises was something I let the Advanced Class do last week so felt fun to try. Messed up twice on the first round and only got 30 reps there so obviously saved my self for the reminder. Jumping with my new rope was a battle since I haven’t been able to cut off the excessive ends yet.

Had an awesome night at the gym, it was the Finals for our ”Fran Challenge” and amongst seeing some really good improvements and just pure good vibe I am so thankful for these moments reminding me what it is I truly love doing in life and motivating me to do it more and better!





8 responses

6 09 2011

Fast 20 BJ med 1 minuts vila är väl intervall? 🙂

Vilket jävla tryck i situpsen, är de snabbare med abmat?

6 09 2011

Borde vart intervall men var för lätt. Jo snabbare med Ab pga större s/s reflex, dock längre ROM. Snabbaste snubben i gymmet fick 47 så jag ville så klart slå det,.. 😉
PS. 60 på en minut vore rätt grymt!

6 09 2011

Eller 48 OTM 😉

6 09 2011

I 10 min? 😉

5 09 2011
Marcus Herou

Nä idioti!

Du är lite väl mkt inne i Stamina-tänket. Allt är inte stamina. Pu, kbs, ohs osv = perfa men DU, burpees, BJ osv tycker jag det är bättre att köra i intervallform eller metcon.

Således min def av stamina är uth i styrkeövn

5 09 2011

Du har helt rätt, vill köra mer metcons men har helt enkelt inte haft ork eller läge med alla muppskador osv. Ursäkter I know, men det kommer dont worry.. 😉

5 09 2011
Marcus Herou

Ah äntligen på g med lite metcon. Mmm 20 bj är lätt så lätt. Gjorde ju 5 x 20 i metcon idag

5 09 2011

Hehe kan man verkligen kalla detta metcon? 😉
Mer BoxJs later garanterat? 100 UB?


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