Re-learning The Squat & killed a Goat!

31 08 2011

”Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means you have decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

Misplaced my camera charger, mobile pics til I get a new one...

2.30 pm WOD

WU: 3*2 Long Cleans+2 FS+2 Clean Sotts @ 20kg

A. Hang Snatch High Pull, Flat Footed, 4*4 @ 60% (50kg)

B1. Back Squat, Double Dip (1+1/4), 5by5 @ 111kg
30s to
B2. Box Jump, 5*1 @ 99cm

C. Press, 5by5 @ 61kg 

D. Front Squats, 20 reps at 84 – done!

E. Wallballs, 4*25 reps (60s)
49s, 49, 50, 51
F. GHD’s, 3*20 (60s)
37s, 36, 37

Wonder if Stephen Hawkins might have a ride to lend me coz there is no way I am walking tomorrow. Was completely knocked out for a good while after today’s first ”real load” session..

Not happy with my squat form lately so decided to take ”my” double dip versions in to play. Both in Squats and Press each set felt better technically and I focused a lot on max depth in the second dip and being explosive out of the hole. Box Jump was just fun to throw in there to force my legs to recover faster after a set. Front Squats high reps is dreadful, period.

Oh, and no Mami, I have not started sacrificing animals to get over my issues with life, but I did today overcome my terror for Wallballs! Found a breathing technique that worked really well for me, focus on breathing out quickly, and then make sure to take a full breath before the ball comes down on you again. First two sets really easy, last painful. GHD’s was way harder than I remember them and I suspect that asides from walking like a cowboy the next coming days, I will also having trouble getting out of bed and might have to strangle anyone who tries to make me laugh…

Good session today, rest day tomorrow and today I have eaten REALLY good for the first time since.. well I can’t even remember when my meal timing, quality and quantity was this good the last time. Am I maybe seeing the light in the tunnel and starts finding my way back to where I wanna be?






5 responses

1 09 2011

Bra pass, nu känner jag igen dig igen 🙂

Nu tar jag allt så bokstavligt, men gör du någon speciell variant av 1 1/4?

När blir det 100 GHD på tid? Skulle vi itne ta den sub 5min? 😉

1 09 2011

Nä då ingen specialare, jag har kallat den Double Dip i klasser osv bara därför jag skriver den så. Dude jag känner av gårdagens GHDs redan nu, vill inte ens tänka på vad 100 hade gjort med mig. Men ge mig en månad så kör jag sub 5! 😉

31 08 2011
Marcus Herou

Men jag också alltid ångest över att jag inte gör dina staminapass

31 08 2011
Marcus Herou

Gillar den typen av stamina bäst med din programmering. Wbs = usch. Speciellt på CFN

31 08 2011

Vilken del menar du, 4by25 Wb? Tro mig jag gillade den INTE halvtimmen efter när jag tvingade mig att käka en fet biff…
De har ju inte bevisat något än även om jag tror stenhårt på upplägget i sig!
Vänta tills jag kör en Angie obrutet! 😉


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