Get a Grip!

30 08 2011

”Everybody dies but not everybody lives..”

– Drake, Moment 4 life –

Definitely had a few of these kind of ”don’t go away”-moments last few days…

11.30 WOD

A. WU-Series, 2 Long Sn+2 OHS+2 Sotts up to 38kg

B. Hang Power Snatch, 5-5-5-5-5:
43kg, 48, 52, 57, 61 (PB, I think)
C. Clean Segment (Mid chin/Knee/Hip/Finish) + Clean Pull, 3*(2+2):
93, 102, 111
D. Pendlay Row, 5 by 5 (60s):
E: Power Clean, For Time – 3*15 (60s):
61kg – 5’30min (Total time)

Yes, I am talking to my self. Both in life and in my workouts I need to get a grip.

I am feeling strong however. None of the above was ”heavy” and for the clean pulls it felt like I could clean it anytime, felt like and doing so is of course two different things though.
Cannot do any training hanging yet, so thought that Pendlays would be good to at least get the back to do some work. It does feel a bit stiff and sore around the lower rib, but does not get worse with these.

If my strength is ok, my conditioning is not. No surprise, haven’t been doing anything for it except the sporadic wod here and there last month. First set of PC’s unbroken ofc, then broken and with way to high heart rate from this low workload. Hope to get stamina and work capacity work to get me back and above previous capacity quite quickly.

Mentally, another decadent weekend might not have been the best option for me right now. But, I did have fun and enjoyed the company of some good friends. Need to stay away from barhopping and clubbing too much though, recognizing mental patterns and behavior from my past and that person is suppose to be gone for a reason.

That said, I feel lucky and grateful to have friends that with their compassion and support alone make me feel special. It makes it easier seeing my self smiling at life again, will get there.





3 responses

31 08 2011

Hang in there!! ju snabbare kroppen läker ju mer motiverad kommer du att bli…snart vänder du däck och klättrar i rep igen 🙂

31 08 2011

Thx buddy, vet ju att du har rätt!

30 08 2011
Marcus Herou

Youll get there.

Jag fick fet puls av 3x60kg SC i uppv igår så man kan få puls av 15xpc också 🙂


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